Saturday, February 27, 2016

Hello Everyone, I hope you all had a great week. For those of you who are reading on my new blog now that I have. My name is Elder Austin Foster. I am a missionary for The church of Jesus Christ of latter day saint. I have a litte more than 13 months in my mission. A mission normally for men is 24 months. So im a little more than half way. I am serving right now in the Honduras Tegucigalpa Mission and its going great.

On my blog will just be basic updates and pictures and stuff to let you all know a little of what i may have done throught the week. I am currently serving in the office of the mission so my weeks are sometimes a little bit different then normal. But ill be back out to the normal field soon. Well I hope you all enjoy the blog and as it says above feel free to write me personally to the email listed above with question or anything you might want to know or just to say hi.

So this week was pretty good church on sunday was good. After church we got invited over to eat lunch with some members. For lunch we ate what is called sopa de mondongo. Which is pretty much soup of the stomach of a cow. Ive had it two other times in the mission and its a interesting taste you can say I ate it all but it was a little bit of a battle. Then later that day we went out and did visits with some youth and the day ended well. After that monday and tuesday were pretty normal day just out in the office then visting at night.

On wensday we picked up 2 missionarys from down south which one of them is from here in honduras but waiting for his visa to go to the united states in the boise Idaho mission which is pretty cool. So most of that day we were helping with all that and he ended up getting it which is awesome and then on Thursday we went and did visits with the elders quorm. And that was great i went with a older guy and we went and visited these 2 investagators we have. There names are Marily and Francisco there family members of the 1st counselor of the ward. So it was a great visit they said they are going to be coming to a activity tonight in the church and then sunday to church so this could be great.

Then Friday was just pretty normal as well. For today for p-day also boring we just stayed and clean up the house because this next week we have a area seventy coming to visit the mission and supposeivly hes going to be going all over the mission and visiting missionarys there houses and everything so it should be cool. Ill let you know more about it next week.

Well thats about all I really have time for this week. I hope the blog thing works out so everyone can stay updated and ill be waiting for your personal emails and such to talk to you all that way as well.
Have a great week every one. Talk to you next Saturday.

Love the one the only *ELDER FOSTER*