Monday, April 25, 2016

El Grande Gyrobo

Hello everyone all is going well here in honduras just the same ole same ole working hard in the heat. The area is doing well as well as the ward here in Iztoca. This time of year is suppose to be the hottest and im feeling. The thing is though its suppose to be rain season coming up so they say it gets cooler but just when its raining then after comes out the sun and it just gets hotter so im not sure and more rain means as well more mosquitos and i have plently of bites already.

Other then all that the begining of the week was well were really focusing on some of the investagators we have now and also trying to look for some new ones. A few days ago we contacted this older man who was moving all these rocks in a wheel barrel. So we contacted him and he was really postive like yeah im going to go to church and everything. Anyways he didnt come on sunday but we went searching for him and found him but we had to take this back trail behind these houses where there ended up being like 6 houses but from the front it just looked like one. Anyways we then met his wife and kids and it was just a overall cool experience to know if we didnt contact him that one day we would have never of found his house and his family who seem to be really postive.

Other then that just normall work and everything but we also have one other family that is the family corrales that are super postive have like 5 kids some which are baptized but the parents not yet because there not married yet so conjoined with the other area in las unidas one of my older areas we are going to be having a big activity selling food to raise money to marry these 3 familys it is in total to hopefully raise sufficent money to be able to marry them so wish us luck this week with setting all this up!

Today for p-day all the hermana in the zone wanted to have there own p-day so us elders said okay and went out gyrobiando or pretty much to say go out to hunt these big huge lizards called gyrobos! So we went out a got some with some older member guys and caught a few, I got a little sun burned but it was fun! Well this is all i have time for i hope you all have a great week and well talk again soon!

Love the one the only ELDER FOSTER

Monday, April 18, 2016

La vida Misional

Hello everyone once again we have arrived to monday the time as i will probably say 10 more times it just goes by so fast! But the week went well i feel pretty confortable in my area and everything now and theres alot of work that can be done and progress to be made so we just keep going at it.

This week i cant say that there was too much interesting things that happened. But the weeks are truthfully full of fun and excitment. Tuesday and Wensday was good just normal work and everything. Are area it called iztoca but there is a few other little pueblos or towns like 30 mins just straight out into the desert and we have to go there like once a week reguardless to visit the members. But we have been doing a little bit of contacting out there and we have had a lot of success kindof.

The people are really humble and stuff there houses are made of dirt or sticks some of brick but theres not power in some spots so we go during the day but weve been finding some decent investagators out there that far.Thehikein the desert isnt that great with the heat but its worth it in the end. Then we had district meet and everything this week at that went well with me being the district leader i have to give a class but ive been actully kindof enjoying it and stuff. Here below is a picture if the desert area were working in and one of the houses there.

Then on saturday I baptized a little girl named maraly shes a sweet little 11 year old girl in primary but shes what we say here pilis or just really smart and stuff in the church so we got to do that on saturday. Then the rest of the stuff has been just normall working hard still getting to know the area and everything but its all going great. I love this ward here there just on top of everything there might be a few things i dont accept fully on the way the do it but its nice we recieve the help and everything that we need as far as missionaries.

Also i just got the notice that my companion Elder Miranda it actully going to be going home a change early for school. So at the end of the change in May i can be expecting a new comanion. So i will be killing my first missionary as they say that just means in the terms that the 2 years are up your there last companion and your killing them. No worries im not actully killing anyone. Well thats about it ill try to get more info in next week maybe. But all is going well working hard loving the mission and just enjoying the time. This week its offical Ill hit 15 months wheres the time going, in not sure but whats left im going to make sure its used right.

P day was great we went to whats called san marcos its just a little town on top of a mountain here in the south the cool thing is it is cool up there. We just played soccer and stuff it was fun. Well i miss and love all you guys! Have a great week and talk to you all soon!


Monday, April 11, 2016

La Vida en Iztoca

This week was good. I know ive offically been out of the office for coming up on a month now but i finally feel like the was my first full week out and it felt great. So the only thing that was a little different it that on tuesday was the consejo de los liders. Thats normally when all the Zone leaders go up to the city and have like a big traing confrence this but this time they invited the District leaders as well. So i got to go up to tegucigalpa with the other district leader in the zone and we recieved instructions and everything is was a long day we left at like 5am and got back at like 7pm but it was worth it and was good.

Then after that it was just kindof back to the normall work. I have to say opening a area isnt the easiest thing but i feel good or better after two weeks now of getting to the area. At first you just get there and dont know anyone or anything and you just think where do we start what do we do and you just start knocking doors until one goes elders hey how are you are you two new haha. Then from there they can help you to know other memebers close by and things like that. Also ive come to know that the caperta de area or the binder of the area that keeps all the information in it with investagators and everything has been a great tool. Even though the directions normally are terrible because theres no street signs or numbers anything it a little hard but little by little weve been finding the old investagators and new ones as well.

Also this week something a little cool the hermanas in the area centro had a baptism coming up so i have to come up do a little interview just to make sure there ready and everything so we went up on Friday and did that. It was just a little 9 year old girl she was just super sweet. I did the interview and everything then after we asked her who it was she wanted to baptize her and for some wierd reason she picked me i was like are you sure and she was not budging she wanted me to do it so on saturday i baptized a little girl kindof cool. One other cool thing is where the interview was there was some little piglets and so me and my companion took some pictures with them you can look at the pics below!

Other than then that everything is going well. Me and my companion love the area and were working hard meeting new people and everything. We have some great investagators also a couple were going to try to get married so that they can get baptized! Other then that nothing else too intersting. Thanks everyone for the support and prayers. I love you all miss you all I hope last week went well and this week will be even better. Because every day is a new day to do something better! Hasta el Próxima semana!

Monday, April 4, 2016

Well this week back in the south has been fun. And really hot! On Tuesday we had changes and I got to make the long jorney back to the south and the farther we went also the hotter it got. Truthfully ive been getting use to it but its about a twenty degree difference and you can tell. Right now its the hottest time of the year and normally always above 100 degrees.

Other than that I was sent back to Iztoca in the zone porvenir. The thing i was in Iztoca B about 9 months ago or las unidas they call it but there two different area competly seperated. And now they even opened us a little group over in las unidas so its just us two in the ward. The ward is really good the bishop is on top of everything and gets us the help which is nice if we need it. On wensday was district meeting and it took quite a while because the zone is so big the biggest in the mission we have 26 missionaries in the zone. With 3 different district leaders. By my district is pretty cool there is two sets of hermanas then the elders in las unidas.

The area is going pretty well its a little difficult right now because with me and my companion being competly new and when i was in iztoca B only passing through the area like 4 time we know nobody and have been doing alot of door knocking trying to find people and such. I thing in about another one or two solid weeks we should be back in decent shape know where alot of members live and also the investagator that were left behind and those we are finding now. It been different but i love it the area is good the members and my companion hes a good guy. His names Elder Miranda from mexico he has 21 months but he still going good work hard with me.

Other than that the confrences were great! Kindof bad timing because we need to be working in our area and building it up little by little but its okay the talks and everything were great. Especially in the preisthood session real direct but good i liked it. President Monson only talked for a short time but used the time wisely! All of saturday was taken by confrence and then sunday we got back to the area about 5 and then we decided to look for this big family that was left in the area book that are investagators but its really far and we ended up getting lost in the desert pretty much and after a good 1 and a half walking finally made are way to where we needed to be didnt find the family but a good attempt.

Then for today we went to the beach with another zone there was 44 of us we rented out a bus to take us there and back. We played soccer and football some uno the card game and just enjoyed are selfs. This next week is back to the grind im ready but just wish it wasent so hot! Tomorrow is consejo for the liders and there inviting the district leaders so ill have to be going to consejo so that will be fun tegucigalpa tomorrow. Well i miss and love you all thanks for your support. All is well still love being a missionary everyday. Hope you all have a great week and talk to you all next week!