Thursday, October 27, 2016


Well i imagine that alot of you are thinking why are you writing on a thursday. Well let me asure you im not planching or anything haha. So here the deal real fast to tell you what happened the past few days then youll kindof understand it all.

So on monday we recieved the changes. My new area is called Amapala its a island that is in the mission its down in the south. My new companion is named Elder Ordoñez. He is from Guatemala. Hes not real new hes still a little under a year! The last 24 hours that ive known him he seems pretty cool.

Anyways on Tuesday we just spent the whole day saying bye to members packing my bags up and just getting everything ready. It was a very lond tiring sad day haha. Anyways the santa maria or zone valle de Angeles was awesome the members my converts and everything im going to miss them and the area and all that.
La Familia Vallecio (converts)
"There awesome and two werent there"
Well then came changes but it was a little crazy. We had changes in the morning we got our new companions and everything. The thing is that the whole mission was there at changes. Because then in the afternoon we all went to a church next to the temple and we got to hear from Elder Oaks! Yes one of the 12 Apostles! It was really cool to hear from him and other leaders!

La Familia Bertand (Alan and Mirian)
"One of the best familys ive met im my whole mission"
Anyways after that we got on our busses divided by area of mission that you were going to go to and we headed off with our bags and everything in the back. Well after a few hour bus ride we made it to the south but it was like yeah 6 at night already. They told me no from this main road you still have to take over a hour bus ride then you have to take about half hour boat trip to get to the island of Amapala. And the last boat takes off at like 5:30. So your going to have to stay the night here in whats called san lorenzo where the zone and all the other areas are.

Brother Lopez (Wife was Working)
"Love this guy has a bean business and speaks perfect english"
So we stayed the night here with some other elders. The thing is that normally we come up to san lorenzo on thursday my companion told me for district meeting. Then after district meeting we write and then we have to buy food here in this town then take it all the way to the island because its alot cheeper and also theres not much there on the island. Also theres no internet on the island so thats why we write here in the bigger iner town!

Ill tell you the truth im just going with the flow and what im told for all i know there taking to sacrfice me or something im not sure. I trust my comp and what everyone else is saying. Just hope that the island is dope and that im going to eat some shrimp or fish or something when i get there then ill be happy.

Anyways thats the run down as far as i know. While everyone else is in there new area, im still making my way there! Well just remebers THURSDAYS i write now for the rest of my mission because im finsihing here! Well i love you all miss you hope you all have a great week and a happy halloween!


Monday, October 24, 2016

Adiós a La Santa Maria!

Well i officaly only have 12 p days left thats kindof crazy when i think about that. A good week filled with a lot of rain and the truth the week before changes nothing super special that i can tell you guy!

The begging of this week we ha plans to get and go to el chimbo where we had the recent converts and everything. The thing is i dont know what was up with this week but it just rained and rained. Today and yesterday i think were the only day i saw the sun and evrything.

El Chimbo River!
The thing is i was pretty sure that this was going to be my last week here in the santa maria. So me and elder judd just took advantage of saying good bye to all the members and everything and all of our recent converts and all that good stuff. We continued to see if we could possible have one more baptisim before the end of the change but things just didnt line up in the end.

The week has been kind bad on my stomach still. The problem is that i think i can only eat a little but in the end im kindof obligated to eat a good amount! Well this email i think for this week is going to be a little short and more borning.

Cool guy in our area named Maraca!
Today was fun we watched a movie and then headed up to valle de angeles! There we just looked around ate lunch and all that good stuff. The only other thing is that we did recieve changes and i am leaving the santa maria! Yeah its sad but at the same time im a little excited and nervous and everything. I dont want to give out too much where im going. Ill talk more about it next week! The only hits ill give is that i am going back down south. In this area misionarys only stay a max two changes (so ill be finishing my mission there). Lastly its a small group and lets just say its a little difficult to get there.

Thats all the hits im giving and everything next week on the blog youll get all the details and everything because its going to be a crazy week i can only imangine! But im excited for these lasting months! Well im super tired but hey you gotta just keep on pushing.

I love you all miss you all i hope that next monday you all have a Happy Halloween and i look forward to seeing all the pictures and everything. Love you all and be safe!


Monday, October 17, 2016

Los Buenos y Los Malos!

Another great week in the books. The days just keep turning into weeks then the weeks into months and very shortly like 3 months shortly all the months will have turned into 2 years!

This was a good week though i cant complain. Beside the fact i think some type of stomach bug hit me good. On monday after we went and ate at a resturante i felt terrible the whole night and couldnt really sleep. But we had a few baptisims planned so we had to get some visits and everything done so i just pushed through it everything good.

Well Wensday came and everything was good we actully had divisions with 2 other elders from the zone i went to another area called el sitio. Its a interesting and little bit of a scary area haha but i survied no worries. Other then that all was good i was with elder baller we had fun and everything well Thursday morning i woke up somehthing just didnt feel right. I got back to the house and felt bad. We had some real important lessons though. So we did divisions with members i just stayed in the house with the other member i couldnt walk nothing my stomach was killing me. Well the notice is that unfortantly after 21 months in the mission with out puking well the streak ended haha i dont know what i ate but it was probably something from the calle as they say or a street vender haha i learned my lesson. I normally am good but not this time.

Im good now though no worries friday was chill and everything i went to district meeting and i finally ate pizza! Hondueran pizza though not that good. Ahhh what i would do for a papa johns pizza its on the list. So yeah then we came back from our meeting and everything we were with the district leader so he could do some interviews for us and it all went well. Then we got the baptisim pila ready because we did the baptisims in the morning because there was a church wide activity where they were planing 33000 trees in one day here in honduras. We were going to go but in the end couldnt make it.

Well as you can see above everything turned out good and we had 3 baptisms on saturday. These young men Christopher, Jerling and Marcos and awesome and i know that when they grow up they are going to do awesome and great things for them and there family which the majority is not member.

Well i belive satan was fighting with us alot this week for the baptisms to not happen and with it beening hard to really explain the stories of how we found them and the difficulties we had and everything and the changes i just promise you that there great and marvolous and im greatful for having of been a part of the whole thing,

That really all for this week all is going well. Crazy to think that i now have almost more then 4 months in my area and in like 10 days there will be changes and im probably out but enjoying whats left here. Anyways i love you all i miss you all i hope you have a great week and well talk again next monday!


Monday, October 10, 2016

Otra semana en los libros!

This was a  real good week and now its crazy to think that were already 1/3 the way through october. The time is really flying by.

This week on Tuesday we had a little consejo is what it is called it was for all the leaders it like a meeting we do once a month takes a majority of the day. Then on wensday we went to el chimbo this kindof far part of our area you have to take a 20 min bus ride because its in this other part of the mountains where were seving. The last bus passed by at 6 at night but we got a family that was a refrence of 8 people it was awesome but we have to visit them at like 6 or 7 at night so there all there. Any away a member took us and we got stuck in a ditch because it had been raining a lot and alot of mud well say. Anyways weve been visiting this family and this member has been helping to bring some not all (because some are faster then others haha) to activitys and church some have came like 3 of the boys.

Well on saturday 7 of the 8 came to churchs and the mom just said to us existe los milagros which meens miracles do happen. I dont know what that really means where going to visit them tomorrow 3 of them could be possible getting baptized this saturday if all goes well. The funny part of the story is the member who got his car stuck with us in it. I took pictures i felt bad but it was just kindof funny with the type of guy he is. Good news is he got out and everything thats all that matters.

Then for the rest of the week the only other real thing we did is get this one family ready for the waters. The thing is theres 6 of them only 5 are above 8 years old. The family is moving to new york soon its kindof a crazy story there moving to the states soon the problem is the parents arnt married and they have to wait 6 months at the least because there getting residence and moving to the us its crazy. Well there all real postive the dad works alot the other 4 or 5 with the little one hes 7 years old. The others are real postive but only 2 of them got baptized here on saturday the other one went out of town but there awesome and We could get the other one baptized soon. This family i cant really explain but really awesome.

Other then that weve been just really busy but hey it makes the time go by fast which is good and bad haha. Well i love and miss you guys a ton i hope all goes well in each and every one of your guys life if your family or not. Im glad that you guys can follow my mission story. And i hope all goes well for you all. Talk to you next monday!


Monday, October 3, 2016

¡Bienvenido Octubre!

It always feels so wierd to be sitting down and writing again every monday just comes so fast and it feels like i was litteraly just writing yesterday!

Anyways another great week i cant complain. Confrence week as a missionary is always so great but well get there in a second. So To start monday night we got a call from the mission president. President Bowler he told us that he wanted to go and do some visits with us so we were like whoo cool sure haha. The thing is if you all remember when i was in the office i was his secertary and i remember planning a very few times for him to go out with missionarys but now that hes going to do it with us its wierd but cool.

Anways we took him to the family vallecio theres 4 of them im pretty sure ive talked about them there a mom her two kids 17 and 19 years old and a uncle that lives there theres also a little 7 years old boy she has 3 kids anyways we found them about a month ago and have been teaching them and everything its been so awesome. Some have progressed faster then others but the goal we put for them a few weeks ago was to be baptized on the 8th which is this saturday. They all went to conference on sunday morning. Well nothings set or anything for this saturday but keep your fingers crossed were hoping that this saturday there all dressed in white well see tomorrow we have a visit with them.

The other thing that happened that was awesome is we have this far part kindof that is in our area and theres a few members there it takes about 15 mins to get there in car or bus. Anyways we got some refrences and everything there so weve been visiting and everything well theres these 2 family up there eaach family is like 7 people some are postive others more or less you know how it is well the member up there set up a big family home evening to take all the investagators up there well we passed by the houses and got 10 investagators! We watched the testament movie and talked a little about the book of morman it was awesome. If all goes well maybe well have a few baptisims for there on the 15th!

Family Home Evening (Everyone you see is investagators with
two more in the corner and the members in the back!
Lastly how could i skip it is about the confrence it was awesome. And also a little sad for me it was my last confrence in the mission so crazy to think. But the talks and all 5 sessions were great. I loved hearing from the profet about the plan of salvacion and from president nelson about how the gopel brings joy to our live i testify of that as well. The thing is through all my confrences ive always watched them in english in another room in the church. Which i did for the 3 session on saturday but on sunday i sat in with our investagators also the last session we had a investagator and we watched it in spanish with him too. It was interesting my last two session of confrence watched in spanish it was like the lord was showing me some things i enjoyed it alot and glad to say that it ended that way. The messages were amazing as i said and just strengthins my testimony even more that we are in the one and only true church in all of the world!

Well i love and miss you all i hope this month of october goes well for you all save some candy for me and keep a few fallen leaves because just a few more short months ill be back with you all. I love you guys and i love the mission. I will talk to you all next monday be safe!