Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Se Robaron Mi Gyrobo!

Hello everyone i hope that all are doing well. Once again im here writing and saying wow how fast went by the week again! Some of you may be wondering why as i writing on wensday now the thing is that we had interviews today the whole zone so our meeting day got changed a little but just for this week!

Well this was once again a really good week i cant complain im loving it. Its still pretty hard and everything here but im pretty sure it was meant to be that i finish here. I cant belive yeah the change is pretty much over just this week and like 3 days next week and it seems to look like ill be getting a new companion and ill be on my last change my last 6 weeks! WOW i never though I would say that!

Anyways back to the biz this week was good and normall with all the visits. The church is really coming together here its been awesome to see the changes and everything and i think it will make a huge difference in the end with a lot of things!

Well a quick story well me and my companion we talking about catching and eating a gyrobo which is like a big lizard that is here well we came back to the church in the afternoon.  Anyways  we have gyrobos in our roof big ones i think there family well i was walking around the house and i saw one on the roof. WEll my companion was in the bathroom.

So i scared it down and ran all around the house i was chaseing it and the truth try to smash it with a rock to eat it for dinner finally it climbed over a little wall and i had it traped in front of the church yeah. I was calling for my comp but he was still in the bathroom well. I was scared to grab it alone right i luckly see some kids walking by tell them to help me! In the end i grabed it and the thing is the kids wanted to take it but i said sorry its mine haha. Well to finish the story me and my companion tie it up with rope and put it in a bucket with a piece of metal no way it can get out! (We were going to take it to a member after to eat it)

Well we leave it there in the bucket cool right well come back in 1 hour .... The gyrobo is gone no where to be seen no way it escaped! it was tied up! And if it broke free at the least we would have seen the rope in the bucket nope! Our gyrobo got stolen! yep those little freaking kids climbed over the fence theres a spot that doesnt have bob wire and they took it it has to be! I imagine because you can sell it for money. I was a little sad my gyrobo i worked so hard to catch got stolen but hey what you going to do.. Thats my story!

Anyways to finish on Monday we stayed on the island it was great with some members we climbed up the mountain on the island its super high like 3 hours climbing up but it was awesome up thereç and you can see everything! It was a good p-day!

Good news if all goes well were having a baptisim on saturday and a big activity on the beach it should be super fun and good! WEll ill be writing on thursday and my emails or blog will be a little diffrent im going to do a recap of my last areas until my last week when i make it to this area just a lot of pictures and stuff youll enjoy it! Love you all be safe and talk to you next Thursday!


Thursday, November 24, 2016

Feliz Acción de Gracias!

Well first thing is first HAPPY THANKSGIVING to ALL! Sadly here this holiday is not celebrated for dinner it will be the same as always beans rice chesse tortilla maybe fish that would be cool. Anyways the point is that i hope all enjoy the turkey mash potatos pies and the football! Next year ill be there enjoying it all with you guys.

Well this week i dont know i feel like ive hit the part like in the other area were you get acostume to the area and know all the people that you visit so its like you did alot but because it wasent something very new you think its not something to talk about. I hope you understood that.

This week was good though we had to finish up a little bit more on the church but now its all done and thats that matters. The new little house we have is great it feels so much diffrent but in a good way to be in a diffrent house or out of the church!

Picture of the small island we went to!
Other then that weve been finding alot more new people but its still been a little difficult here and there but we got  a few things yeah rolling along well. The same goes for the members some are progressing and others just dont want much to do with us for things past missionarys have done so we continue trying to help them and hope they change in the future not much else we can do there.

Its been abandones for a while!
Well kindof a short email this week sorry not too much i can think of right now. Me and my companion are doing well the church is doing well and the time is flying by haha. This next week ill be writing on Wensday because thats the day were going to have our quarterly interiviews in the zone.

P-day was good my camera died but im going to see if i can get some pictures from my companions camera but we went with part of the zone to some islitas or little islands off the coast of amapala. Where no one lives just like small little islands we contracted a little boat to take us and we played volleyball and soccer on the island we ate and everything it was fun. Also cool thing is there was another small island next to it but that island is a cematery. Imagine a funeral but instead of a bunch of cars it could be a bunch of little boats going to the little island ill add a picture.

Happy Thanks Giving (Sparkling cyder and cookies)
Anyways have a great week love and miss you all i hope you hear about your thanks giving and well talk next week!


Thursday, November 17, 2016

Nueva Casita y Capilla!

Well once again im here siting at the computer and thinking to my self wow a whole week has flow by and now its time to write you all another email and tell you about all the things ive done haha.

Well this week was pretty good week im not sure how often i say that but i guess normally theres not too many weeks that are that bad. Well on last saturday we had a activity in the church which was nice. We were going to watch meet the mormons but had some tecnical dificulties so in the end we watched the testament video which was really good. Ive seen it now like 20 times but i still like it!

Even corn is grown here! THIS PLACE IS GREAT!!;)
Then sunday was a normall good day i had to give a talk but i imagine thats going to happen quite a bit for the fact theres not many optcions. Our assistence was once again about 25 the adverage i belive for here i hope to see it a little higher in the future.

For p-day we had planes to leave and go plan soccer with the zone but in the end it didnt work out so we stayed stranded on the island but we had fun i mean we are on a island there something you can do. We went with some members and we played board games and everything it was good and fun.
Faviorite Beach that weve found! (La zapote)
Then the only other thing that we really did that was good and something important for the church is we got a little contact set up with our dueno or the owner of the house/church. Remember we live in the church well the owner has a little house next store that we could live in. So we made a big deal that we were going to rent the other little house but that we also wanted to take out a wall so that we could have a larger sacrament room. Were in a big house but theres not a big enough room for the sacrament meeting theres only like 30-35 chairs that fit. Well with this extension now you can put like 50-60 chairs with us moving out opens another class room as well.

Wall your in the way we need more room!

I knew those construction skills would pay off!

So we spent all day yesterday helping a guy taking out a wall and aranging another little house moving all our stuff and everyting. So im a little tired aha then the two hour trip in the morning to get to distict meeting but hey you gotta love it!

Everything else is going well we continue to find some new people and do new things. I love it here and i feel like this is where i was suppose to finish so im enjoying it and all that im able to do. Well i belive this next week is m favorite holiday...thanks giving! Luckys well enjoy it for me and i hope to hear from you all next week. Love you take care!


Thursday, November 10, 2016

Siempre en la Lucha!

Im still getting ajusted to writing on thursday and kindof sad that im going to finish my mission writing on a thursday not sure how it will all work out but hey it is what it is.

Theres always someone that could use a little help!:)
Well the week just flew by like crazy i really dont belive that ive now been im my area for 2 weeks. Well i have to say its a good area i like it quite a bit its not all that nice like my last area which was really heaven. Here i sweat a ton im back to a lot of rice in beans and sometimes i think what would happen if a zombie apocaplis broken out would i be on the safe island? Haha just kiding i love the area though even know it may be small and a little rough with work and everything i have that felling like i was ment to be sent here you know.

Fish soup anyone!
This week well i contiuned to know all the members and also the island i can offically say that i have made the whole loop of the island its pretty big. I made the trip with my companion and some members it was a lot of fun seeing all the sites and beaches and other things there. On the back side of the island there really isnt much but some small little pueblos but it was cool getting to see it all.

Sunday was a good experience it was there on the island and in our house ahha which is the church and it was good the adverage assistence is about 20-30. We had 25 so that was pretty good. Weve been working pretty good but not too much luck yet weve found a few familys but the same problem that there not married. So were going to keep going with them and see how it all goes.

On tuesday we had the oldroyds come down there a senor couple in charge of housing and everything. Were working on getting our selfs into a small apartment close by then turn the church just into the church there going to knock out a wall too so that we can have a bigger sacrament room so that should be all going into the works and everything soon im excited for that.

A good way to see the day close up!
Other then that not too much that i can tell you about i did finally get to eat shark and then just alot more fish haha thats pretty much it. Well i hope you all have a great week i miss and love you all and well talk again next Thursday!


Thursday, November 3, 2016

Bienvenido a Amapala!

WEll its been a week super full of many things and im a little tired and i also cant belive that yeah a whole week has passed by. The wierdest thing is i dont know if its maybe because i know im in my last area in the mission or if its because im on a island or something im not sure but i still feel like im still getting use to the area and everything. Normally its like you get to your new area and then in like 2 day you already feel in the grove and everything. But regardless all is going well and im starting to really like the area.

Let see well i dont remember too much of what i told you as far as my new area but heres some of the details its called amampala its a island in the mission just off the southern coast of honduras. The church was just newly established there roughly 2 years ago. Theres a decent amount of members but a majority is inactive. The thing is the church is just a little larger house there on the island. And the biggest thing we live in the church ahah. Its a little wierd i guess that we live in the church but its cool. Were in the process of getting us in our own little apartment.

On my way to the area in boat!
So we got to the area like thursday in the nightish. Its was cool we went to one cita then with this one family of members that the lady is like our cook i guess you would say we pay here for lunch and dinner and she cooks it and everything. It works out a lot better for us and everything in the end for us. (Im not a good cook even two years into the mission) So its kindof a big mixed family with alot of people that live within the two houses there. Its been good though because in this week i have been blessed on my first night to have been giving lobster to eat. Then we also eat fish and shrimp in diffrent meals so im not complaining too much.

I guess thats the benefit of being close to the ocean. As far as seafood goes its a little cheaper. But the bad part of being on the island is everything is alot more expensive. The nice thing is that the member that cooks for us her sister lives there as well a older lady. And she works at one of the hotels on the island so thats how we got the lobster she brought it for us!! The members that ive been able to meet so far are real nice.

Me and my companion Elder Ordoñez!
Dont think that im in the riches its still honduras and there still house of brick and sticks and metal. And its still really hot and you know with the terrible power systems they have here every day the power goes out. (Were going to fix that dad after the mission;)) The other problem is theres no water on the island like water to bath and to clean. You have to buy and like i said were on a island so its $$$. But the mission helps us a little because were on a island and far away.

Well ive talked alot not too much about the work because its rough. The people dont want too much from us. And if they do want something its money they ask us for we tell them we cant help with money. Then were not normally received the next time. BUt its going little by little were getting things in line im hopeing to get it going little by little.

Hey im just walking in my area on the way to a cita!
How about a quick photo?
Well i love you guys and miss you all a bunch. I cant belive that were in november now it just blows my mind the time is flying before we know well all be in the airport together. I am a little baggy ex missionarys will know what that means! But im still going to work. Well thanks for everything you guys be safe and have a great week! Talk to you next Thursday!