Monday, September 26, 2016

Un Noche de Hogar y Baseball

Another week in the books. It was pretty good as normall pasted by fast. Also as normal just filled with the things that missionarys do like visiting people knocking doors and going to meetings! But hey its a missionarys life for me!

Honduras is Mountains and people put there houses all trough them!
Well for this week were visiting this one family that just awesome and there recieving the lessons and everything good they really are coming to know that its true weve got them to church and everything. Its been cool just seeing there progress and everything when the mom came to church she told us the following visit that it was the first time that she had gone to church in 7 years and so it just felt like a real good acomplishment and everything for everyone then her childeren have been coming and well and her brother that lives with them we have a baptism date for them all in 2 weeks we hope that even if its one by one we can get them baptized!

Honduran Baseball Field
Then me and my companion were talking saying man it would be so cool if we got another pilas family and everything like them. Well a member invited to have a family home evening with this one family that he had me! Its in a little father part of our area about a 10 min car or bus ride we go with the member and we show up and there is 8 people there waiting for us and wanting to hear our message it was awesome all the people in that one house and us teaching them. Some of them came to church on sunday so were hoping that little by little. The distance thing from church is the biggest opstacle so well have to see how it all goes!

Olimpia (Honduran League team) With Elder De los santos
The only other thing really is that on Friday we had zone confrence for the whole city. So we grouped up the 5 zones and almost 100 misionarys and recieved some classed and instrucions and everything. Its always nice too because for lunch we get pizza and then at the end they give us all donuts and the time we recieve packages and letters and stuff for me nothing you know when you get old and with alot of time everyone forgets ya haha just kiding. No it was good something we do every 3 months or so!

Okay thats pretty much the gist of everything! A good calm week. This week should be good as well. Today for p-day we played baseball at the nacional stadium here in honduras it was fun and i got a little sunburned. Other then that confrence this weekend im stoked my last confrence in the mission it should be good! Well everyone i hope you all have a great week i love and miss you all and well talk again next monday!


Monday, September 19, 2016

Todo Esta Yendo Bien!

Well the first week of my third change here in the santa maria (Valle de Angeles). It was a pretty good week stayed with the same companion elder judd like i said last week. So this week not too much interesting or anything like that!

On wensday we did have to go to the changes meeting to pick up some materials and everything. Also because one of the areas in the zone got changed from hermana to elders. So had to go all the way up to there area to be able at least show them where they live and where there church is and then it was just like good luck ahah. No the hermanas that where there left alot of good information for them so it was good. There going to do good. One elder is new right out of the mtc the other has about a year but there going to do good together! It made me remeber when i opened a area like that not knowing nothing it was fun and a good learning experience!

Then thursday was just normal doing our weekly planning and then having the meeting in the night at the estaca. Friday we had the first district meeting of the change and it just made me notice that every single area in the zone is training a new missionary its a pretty cool experience to see it im not training but its cool to say well theyll atleast remember me as there first zone leader so that will be cool later down the road! We also made up a little points playing game with the whole zone for the whole change to get everyone motavated and finding new people to teach and everything its kindof a complex game but well just say its going to be fun!

Then on saturday we went to this big stake activity and it was awesome because about 6 months ago i was in this stake but in the ward 28 de marzo and i was in that ward for seven months so i got to see some old members and everything which was pretty cool. And we took some investagators and they really enjoyed it so that was awesome.

The last good thing that happen is on sunday we had 9 investagators in church!! It was awesome and many of them stayed for all 3 hours. Me and my companion last change we were blessed to have 5 baptisims so this change we where like man what do we do our investagator pool was small and we had a few people that were like more or less but now the first sunday the lord truely showed us where we need to work and with who and some of this people could be really great. The goal is to get 2 or 3 which is really good to get in one change especially in the city heck just one is good. So were going to go to work and then see how it goes and who the lord is preparring!

P-day We played soccer with another zone!

So this week was pretty good i cant complain and we had a good p´day today we went and played soccer with two other zones it was really fun and then just ate and all that normal stuff so yeah everything is going well. Last note tomorrow its offical i hit the 20s ill be completing 20 months in the mission and since the day i left my home family and everything thing else. I can say i dont regret it at all and i can also say im going to use this last four months the best i can before i am blessed to come back home and be with my family, Love you and miss you guys. I hope you have a great week and lookforward to talking to you all next monday!


Monday, September 12, 2016

Seis Semanas más en la Santa!

It was a good week that passed by as normal not much i can complain about. It was the last week in the change so kindof of a intiapating or nerve racking week. But ill go ahead and just break the news that i do not have changes or my companion. Its pretty interesting truthfully the first time in my almost 20 months in the mission that me or my comp dont have changes. We can now say that the curse has been broken if you take my time out of the office ive never had a companion more then one change or a been in a area more then two changes so now its broken. Its going to be a little wierd but im going to enjoy it this is a great area and me and elder Judd get along very well so its all good. Then next change ill probably be out and to my last area for my last two changes.

Anyways back to this week and all that happen kindof of a full week. So on Tuesday we had consejo with all the lideres it was pretty good. Just alot of learning and everything. Then wensday was the next good full day. We had interviews with president Bowler it was good getting to talk about the zone and my mission and everything i enjoyed it. So that day was filled with that interviews classes and all that good stuff.

Then on thursday we judt follwed with the plan that we have set for the stake and trying to get the family home evenings set up and everything in the ward and with the investagators. Its been going pretty well for us and everything. Me and my companion found this awesome family about 2 or 3 weeks ago contacting and theres 5 of them 4 that listen and we have now gotten 2 of them to come to church and everything. Anyways we did a family home evening with them on Saturday and we watched meet the mormans it was really good we had alot of people there and it anwsered alot of there questions and everything i believe. This family is real cool on sunday before church they even invite us over now to eat pancakes and eveything its really cool they will be great members if everything continues to go well.

(A picture of the area from the second story of our church building)
The we have this part of our area that is just a mountain kindof and it cool because theres alot of people that live there and all. So we decided to set a few hours to go up there and do some contacting to try to find some new people and everything. This part of the area is kind of isolated for being so high up the mountain. They have no water system so every 3 days they have to hall water up the mountain. We went over there and much have contacted for like 3 or 4 hours and just everyone rejected us. We talked to so many people but no one wanted anything. In the end we were glad to have given it a try but i dont belive there is anyone waiting for the gospel in that area at least for right now no.

Other then that everything is just gliding along. They changed one of our area in our zone into elder so were going to have some new elders in the zone and all of our zone is training which is pretty cool every area eaither starting training or ending there training this change its real cool. The yeah 6 more weeks here in the Santa Maria zone valle de angeles. Ill take it a real good place to stay for my 3rd to last change but whos counting right mom:)

Preaching the Gospel to all that are willing to listen!
Well guys i love you all miss you all I hope everyone passed a good day yesterday remebering 9/11 15 years crazy to think even know i was just a little one. Dont get me wrong i love honduras but theres nothing like the good ole United States of America! And i sure cant wait to back on American soil! USA all the way! Love you all miss you all have a great week and well talk next Monday!


Monday, September 5, 2016


Alrighty another week down in honduras. Its been raining alot still were just in that season i dont mind it too much. This week was pretty normal and calm. This next week will be alot more exciting and everything with changes coming up.

Well for this week on the last p-day we made things of clay like on one of those spining wheels i think i talked about that a little last week. But this time around i brought my camera so ill be putting some pictures on. The cool thing about the wheel thing to spin the clay its not automatic or anything like that is just a wooden wheel you spin with your leg its pretty cool and was fun.

Throughout the week on tuesday we had a great lesson with this family that we are teaching three of them named jonathan stefeni and elvis pretty cool name. Theyve been real recepetive in listening to the message and everything and this time we brought a member and its was so good. On sunday one of them came. The we talked to another one that lives there with them there mom the kids are olders but they still all live there together. Its pretty common here in honduras. Anyways overall its a great family weve found and been teaching we could be getting a few baptisims for it as well which would be great.

Other then that the zone is doing good and everything on thursday we had district meeting because there was another meeting on friday. It was good and the last of the change because this week well be having interviews with president bowler. Thats always fun just this one then one more and then the final interview but whos counting. Also we have consejo again for this month so just another thing for the week.

Everything is going well here in the area and with my companion Elder Judd we get along well. I like the zone too its not too big and everyone inside is real nice and good so i cant complain there or anything.

The last thing thats pretty important as well is we had a baptisim on Saturday!! This was the little girl named kimberly that we taught and got ready and everything her parents arnt members so thats why we had to take care of all the baptisim stuff and everything. It was a good baptism we had a few investagators there and she chose me to baptize her i kind of knew that was coming but i was just glad that at young of an age she knew she wanted to be baptized it was something special i feel like.

Other then that everything is going well here in the streets of honduras just pushing along one day at a time loving every bit of it. Well i hope you all have a great week i miss and love you all and well all talk again next Monday!