Monday, May 30, 2016

La Familia Corrales

This week was good. It started off with interviews. Every 3 months we have interviews with our president of the mission we pretty much just go over how the mission is going what we can work on and everything like that. So that happened this week and it was good and normall nothing to out of the ordanry. 

This week was planned to be the big gran finally for the Family Corrales. So we started with the big activity then the weding and now we were down to the week that was suppose to be the baptism. It started with the interviews you have to do some baptisim interviews for any person that is going to be baptized. Another missionary comes and just asked a few questions that makes sure that they understand the doctine and that they are keeping the commandments and everything. So the husband is a police officer so he works like 24 hours on then like 12 off yeah the crappy laws of honduras nothing is fair here. Then he gets every other weekend off. So during the middle the week we planed to do the interviews. 

The day of the interviews came and only the husband and the wife were able to do them there was a little problem with the little girl that was going to get baptized. But luckly we got the elders to come back the following day and everything went well and they passed the interview. So then the day of the baptism came and we just felt that we should go to the baptisim to fill the pila of the baptismal fount up and get everything ready ahead of time. Well we got there and the baptisimal fount was flooded with like 5 inches of dirty water. So we tried to unplug it but nothing the water wouldnt go down. So lets just say we knew someone was going to have to get in the water and scoop it out little by little and then clean it to have it. Ready well we drew sticks to see who would be the unlucky one to get it and fix the problem. The photo will help you know who drew the small stick!

I got the short end of the stick
Then it came down to the night we got the family there and it was one of the most awesome things i ever got to see or be a part of. The mom wanted me to baptize her then my companion baptized the dad (his first baptisms too) then the little girl was baptized by someone else. It was just a great service that the spirt and everything couldnt even be explain. I love this family and i just know them with the 4 children are going to do great things. Im greatful for the lord giving me the oppertunity to prepare them to follow the example of Jesus christ and be baptized!

Then just to add the cherry on top. With a little good story. On Thursday the dad told me that he wasent going to be able to go to church that sunday and get confirmed until the next sunday because there was a special event on sunday that he was going to have to be there to patrol. Well they said that night they prayed as a family that some how he would be able to go to church that sunday after the baptism and that he wouldnt have to work. They prayed that night and the following morning he recieved a call from his boss and that they moved the event until the following sunday and he wouldnt have to work.
The Family Corrales (Missing the two older kids)
The power of prayer and of fasting are true and real. Ive seen it so much these past few months with this family and the other familys that were also in the activity and got baptized last week. Other then that the week went well now were just looking and knocking doors to see who may be the next family thats preparred to accept this wonderful Gospel. I love and miss you guys hope you have a great week as always and ill talk to you next monday!

The whole Family Corrales Sisters, cousins everyone!


Monday, May 23, 2016

Una Semana Tranquila

The first full week of the new change. This week was pretty good. Nothing that i can really think of that was super cool. We just working and doing are thing. This week has been really hot every week over 100 degrees. Its suppose to be the season of rain but just a little bit fell on tuesday after that really nothing.
Nothing Like a Double Rainbow
 Its been fun getting to show my new companion all the things you do like just being a new missionary i imagine when i first got here i was the same way but hes kindof just way out of it. The good thing is that hes willing to do anything as far as contacting and teaching sometimes he gets real nervous but hes doing good and starting to progress alot.

Then this week ive been doing alot of baptism interviews. Which is pretty much just going to investagators that are going to be getting baptized but in other areas and i just have to make sure that the missoinarys there taught them everything that there keeping all the commandments and stuff. Its been cool because this week i did the interviews for the other two familys that got baptized with my family two weeks ago. But the cool thing about it is its in one of my old areas las unidas. So i got to go there do the interviews and also just talk to them about now being there time and ther starting a group up and that theyve been called in this time to help the church grow and to get it turned into a branch in November and that seems to be the plans. It was real cool and something really Spiritual.

Then for p-day went to this place called San marcos which is a area up in the mountains here and its cool and fresco not so hot i guess you would say. We just played soccer there then got something to eat its was cool there was about 30 missionarys up there just enjoying p-day.

Elder Carter And I at Lunch
Well thats about it sorry nothing soo much this week next week will be better. Love you guys miss you all well talk again next monday! Have a great week!


Monday, May 16, 2016

Llamado a Entrenar y Tres Bodas un Noche

This last week was full of excitment and little bit of stress but a great week overall. So to start on Tuesday my companion was finishing the mission so it was his last day i just said you just tell me what you wanna do for the day and well do it. So we spent a little of the day packing and the rest of the day saying goodbye to everyone! Then on Wensday we had to wake up bright and early about 4am so that we could take the bus to go to tegucigalpa. The reason I had to go is because i was called to Train! Which is pretty cool to just get a fresh greeny right from the Mtc. Except i dont know if they call them greenys here i think thats a states thing.

So my new companion is named Elder Ramirez he is also from Mexico the part called Tulca. Hes a real cool guy hes 23 and the first to leave to serve a mission in his family. His older brother is waiting on his call. Other then that hes really relax a little shy but hes here for the right reasons and always puts his best effort forward which is awesome. So i went up to tegucigalpa on wensday we got back in the afternoon then the next day was district meeting. It was a good day but im not sure if you guys remember those 3 familys that were trying to marry well the activity we did made enough money so we could do everything to get them married.

But on wensday we had to do a lot of running around and everything with the couples because some of the papers we had a problem with then we had to get them to the lawyer just in general it was a long and very stressfull day but in the end it worked out well and we had everything ready for on Friday the wedding. So friday ended up turning out to be probably one of the greatest things ive ever seen. And also done in my whole mission. We were able to see 3 couples get married to be able to get baptized. So now we just have to wait a week so all the paper work can go through then they will be getting baptized which is awesome.

Then on sunday was stake confrence which was kindof cool alot of activitys throughout the week and stuff. So over all the week was good i got my son as they call it that im training. Then between us 4 elders in the ward we got to marry 3 couple and everything else is just going good. Its still super got here but hey thats honduras the power was out a little bit ago but hey thats just honduras and I Love It! Well i hope you all have a great week i miss and love you all can wait to hear from you next week!

               ELDER FO$TER

Monday, May 9, 2016

Tres Familias y Una Grande Actividad

This has been a good week! I feel like so many things happened that i just cant remember them all.
We can go ahead and start with the thing that is most important from the week and that was Mothers Day! I hope that everyones mothers day went well and just a quick shout out to my mom Happy Mothers Day love you and thank you for everything you do for me!

Yesterday was good it was nice getting to talk to my family and everything it was weird because the first 2 times i called and talked to my family here in the mission i was really nervous and stuff the day before and before I called but this time i just kindof felt normall. I guess im just getting ajusted to the life here in Honduras and its just the same! 15 months can do alot of things to you this last week i ate bunny and also duck but i also saw the preparation in the food so it was interesting and but in the end the meat tasted good!

So im not sure if i had been bringing up in my last emails that we have a awesome family that we have name Laura y Cristobal and they have 4 children Joel, Niyeli, Katia and Naomi. And Joel it the older boy and he was baptized about 3 months before i got here. Anyways we found the family in the carpeta de area as old investagators and we found them started teaching them all and some sister of Laura also just got baptized a little bit ago. They all have the desire to be baptized but the problem is that the parents arnt married and here its just hard to get married because its a big hassel to get all the papers and also the money so no one does it.

Anyways that the big problem and why they havent been progressing to baptism. So i was talking with the other elders that is also part of our ward but they meet in a father area called las unidas (note i served in that area about 9 months ago) And they said they also have one family that needs to get married and another that the husband is member but the wife no and they need to get married as well. Anyways we planned a activity to raise enough money to beable to marry 3 familys. So got a little money gathered up to make a food called chilikils in other words there just nachos with chicken on it. So in order for us to be able to make enough money we needed to sell 175 plates of this food or to go boxes. So we just talked to members we even called other missionarys in other wards to buy some and to ask the members so the day came we bought all the food and everything and we got up at 5:30 to go and start everything.

The wifes of each family were there when we were making the food. The young women in the ward made us a poster to put up so people could come and buy food like that. We started cooking and everything was going well but then as the hour of lunch rolled around we wernt ready we had some food ready but not all of it and we had some big orders ready and made that needed to be sent out. But then the rush just came and people got food and some orders went out some not the matter is after the lunch rush you could say we had 125 sold and yeah but we still were missing 50 more to sell. So we had them sold but we didnt have anymore food we missed calculated. At this time it was about 2pm So what we said is that we had to called these other 50 people or groups and try to schdule it for dinner lucky most of them were fine with that.

So we took a little of profit and did the calculations that we using a little profit to go and buy more we could sell the 50 plates and then make more money and be perfect on what we needed to marry the familys and everything. So we did it some went to buy other to get other things and we went at it and we got them all sold and sent out 175 plates done and sold. It was a very long day there was a lot of tension and stress through out the whole thing but in the end it worked out and was great. After throught the week the couple have been going and pulling out papers and everything should be ready that on Saturday we should be having a triple weding it should be awesome!

Anyways thats my little story about 3 familys and one big activity the plans now are the wedings and then the baptisms it should be great other then that all is going well. This wensday is changes so it should be interesting my companion is finishing the mission so ill be getting a new one. So ill let you all know about that next week. Im sorry once again i forgot my memory card so i promise next week ill send the pictures i just keep on forgeting about bringing it next week forsure! Love and miss you all have a great week and talk to you next Monday!

Elder Foster

Monday, May 2, 2016

La Historia de la Luz

Another Great week in Honduras. Nice and hot as always and loving every bit of it. This past week truthfully the storms having been coming so its been cloudy quite a bit which is kindof nice because the clouds block the sun then its not too hot. Then at night its also wierd theres been some big heavy rains that have been coming. Which cools it down at night but then in the morning just doble the heat its all good though i dont mind it too much.

Well other then that theres just too main things Id like to talk about this week that were pretty cool. So Tuesday through Friday were just basic days weve been focusing on finding new people its going pretty well. Anyways on Friday we had the zone confrence this is for the zone im in the south all the missionaries in the zone in the south about 100 missionarys get together and then we recieve informations and lessons and stuff for President Bowler and his wife the Assistentes to President Bowler and other leaders.

Anyways we got there and the night before there was a big storm and so when we got to the church there was no power because of the storm the night before. Well in these confrences we see alot of power point things and also videos and need a intercom to speak loud from the pulpit well with no power we have none of this. Well everyone got there and we started right at 10 still with no power the leaders spoke to us and said we we had a few charts and other things to show but theres no power and they just follwed with the lesson. Anyways about a hour went by then in the middle of the teaching of some other missionarys our president stood up and he said i feel like i need to share a story with you guys and it was a story about prayer. Anyways he then said We are all here on a once and every once and while confrence and what do we need and some people said a few things then someone said we need the Power!

He then said yes in order for us to all learn and take alot from this confrence we need power. So he said we need to get all down and say a prayer that we can recieve power to learn everything and see everything that has been preparred anyways we all prayed together then indiviually and contined with the day as planned we then went to eat lunch after that we were all settling in and about a hour had passed by since we played. We were all settleing down getting ready to start back up and get the second part of the confrence then BOOM the power comes back on and we go through the confrence and then at the end the President says at about the end of the confrence after being with power for a few hours he then said how many of you think that all of this part were we area at has power now like us and we thought well yeah ofcourse it came back for all of us.

He then said no the whole town is still out of power he said during the lunch hour a man from the stake came and filled the generator up with gas and got power to the building. He said sometimes we dont know how we will recieve anwsers to our prayers but if we have sufficent faith he will anwser it maybe not as fast or how we want but he will send our anwsers if we have faith.

It was overall a great confrence we learned alot and had a great experience. Other then that my other story i will share next week because its a unfinished story that continues this following week so ill fill you all in next week. Other then that I hope all is going well for you guys and have a great week! Sunday is mothers day! Happy Mothers day mom thanks for everything cant wait to get to talk to all you guys! Anyways I hope all of you have a Great Week and well talk again next week! And Remember never loose the Faith!