Monday, September 19, 2016

Todo Esta Yendo Bien!

Well the first week of my third change here in the santa maria (Valle de Angeles). It was a pretty good week stayed with the same companion elder judd like i said last week. So this week not too much interesting or anything like that!

On wensday we did have to go to the changes meeting to pick up some materials and everything. Also because one of the areas in the zone got changed from hermana to elders. So had to go all the way up to there area to be able at least show them where they live and where there church is and then it was just like good luck ahah. No the hermanas that where there left alot of good information for them so it was good. There going to do good. One elder is new right out of the mtc the other has about a year but there going to do good together! It made me remeber when i opened a area like that not knowing nothing it was fun and a good learning experience!

Then thursday was just normal doing our weekly planning and then having the meeting in the night at the estaca. Friday we had the first district meeting of the change and it just made me notice that every single area in the zone is training a new missionary its a pretty cool experience to see it im not training but its cool to say well theyll atleast remember me as there first zone leader so that will be cool later down the road! We also made up a little points playing game with the whole zone for the whole change to get everyone motavated and finding new people to teach and everything its kindof a complex game but well just say its going to be fun!

Then on saturday we went to this big stake activity and it was awesome because about 6 months ago i was in this stake but in the ward 28 de marzo and i was in that ward for seven months so i got to see some old members and everything which was pretty cool. And we took some investagators and they really enjoyed it so that was awesome.

The last good thing that happen is on sunday we had 9 investagators in church!! It was awesome and many of them stayed for all 3 hours. Me and my companion last change we were blessed to have 5 baptisims so this change we where like man what do we do our investagator pool was small and we had a few people that were like more or less but now the first sunday the lord truely showed us where we need to work and with who and some of this people could be really great. The goal is to get 2 or 3 which is really good to get in one change especially in the city heck just one is good. So were going to go to work and then see how it goes and who the lord is preparring!

P-day We played soccer with another zone!

So this week was pretty good i cant complain and we had a good p´day today we went and played soccer with two other zones it was really fun and then just ate and all that normal stuff so yeah everything is going well. Last note tomorrow its offical i hit the 20s ill be completing 20 months in the mission and since the day i left my home family and everything thing else. I can say i dont regret it at all and i can also say im going to use this last four months the best i can before i am blessed to come back home and be with my family, Love you and miss you guys. I hope you have a great week and lookforward to talking to you all next monday!