Monday, January 16, 2017

MI Ultima Carta!

Well I cant believe that ive arrived to this point now in my mission my last week my last monday my last email. But as ive said before theres many few things that last forever in life. Sooner or later you have to arrive at the end of things and yeah now im here.

The last few weeks have been really wierd and diffrent and everything for those reasons i havent been putting up emails and everything. All has been going well in our area and with the branch here its been real difficult but at the same time thats just part of the journey and mission and its been a good way to finish i feel.

Really me and my companion have felt like theres alot of need for service here as ive said before so weve been doing that every once and a while and thats been fun and also tiring but you feel good at the end of the day!

Me and my companion built a chicken coop for a older lady
made of wood and scrap metal she had on her land.
Other then that me and my companion did have a good experience especial for my last saturday we were able to have a baptisim. Her name is Esperanza which in english is (Hope). Shes a real nice lady in her late 30s has 3 sons and just lives with 2 of them. Well one of her sons named Rafa was baptized about 4 months ago hes real awesome in church has 17 years old just went to efy here and everything.

Well she has been with the missionarys for about 6 months now but had finally decided to hit the waters of Baptism it was a cool thing to see even more because her son was the one who was able to Baptize her. I cant put the picture up because its on a diffrent memory and where im writing doesnt have a insert for it but it was a good experice and a good way i think to pass my last saturday in honduras!

Other then that weve been just working with the president of the branch helping him to stay motaved and just helping the other quorms and organazation to plan actividades and everything with us now being in the begging of the year and all.

The whole zone!
Well really i dont have much else to say other then ill be seeing you in 3 days sounds crazy but yeah the 2 years are up its crazy to think that two years ago in January 2015 i was saying goodbye to all my family friends and everything i knew to go to another country to learn and speak another language i didnt know and to do see and eat things that i would have never imagined. Well now two years after in January 2017 i can say that its been a great experice everything ive been able to experince i know will serve me greatly in the future and i dont regret one bit the last two years ive been able to serve here its been long but its been worth every day week month and year.

The thing i belive i can say im very grateful for is many things realy but one thing very important is that ive been able to see my testimony grow through seeing the testimony of others be found or seeing them recieve there testimony. Many ask how many converts you had well i can say ive had many or really ive only had one and that me the gospel converted all the other but i was really able to be my personal convert in one way or another thoughout the two years and to see and feel all the changes that ive had is something as i said that ill take with me forever and that im very greatfuly for.
Im also very greatful for my famlily Mom Dad and also freinds who have supported me throughout the last two years Thank You All:

Its a long road
and you never know whos there on the other side waiting to hear the message.
Ill finish with my testimony:  After two long years with out a doubt i know this is the only true church here on earth. I know that we have a living profet that is guided by god himself and also we 12 apostles just like in the times of Jesuscrist. I know that the Book of Morman is True that with the bible we have all of the restored gosple. I know the Temple is the house of the Lord and were familys can be together forever. I testify that Jesuscrist is our savior that through his attonement we can all return to the precense of him and god and live with them for the eternity. I know Joesph smith was a profet that helped restore the gospel here on earth. With or without us as members the church will go on but the thing most important that we can do is really look for way every day to grow the kindom of god. I know all these things to be true and many more in the name of our lord and savior Jesus Crist. Amen.

I Love you all and I love the mission really its been something unexplainable. I cant wait to see you all on Thursday once again thank you all for the support and look forward to seeing you soon!

Love The One The Only ELDER FO$TER