Monday, July 18, 2016

El Templo y Mi cumpleaños

Another great week down in the deep streets of Honduras! No this was a good week im not sure if the time goes by fast or slow anymore now that ive pretty much have 18 months Im taking the skirt off as they say because sister only serve 18 then everything after is shirt and tie for the elders! Thats just what they say. But the main thing is that this week went by well.

To start on Tuesday we went to the temple. We have the great privlege of going to the temple every 6 months and finaly the time had come again. It was wierd because this was my third time to go to the temple now in the mission and it felt like it had been so long since i had been. I dont mean that in the way that the last 6 months went by slow they went by pretty fast for me. I mean it in the way that i just felt such a replenishing of the spirt when i was at the temple that i firmly got the feeling that once every 6 months is way to much time in between.

Over all it was a great experience and i love it a very relaxed and rejuvanting day! It kindof sad though because the next temple trip isnt going to be until i belive next january but thats also the time ill be going home so i dont know if ill make it in time to get to go. But on the upside every 6 weeks when a group goes home they get to go together to the temple and go to a session so i still have at least one more time to go to the temple here and if im lucky maybe 2 back to back.

The other thing is that some of you may have found out that yes it was my birthday this last week! It was on Friday so this was also the week of district meeting so it turned out well because the zone pretty much the hermanas bought a cake and made a poster then we ate popusas. Its like a pancake but filled with cheese i dont know its el salvador thing but they were good. Also some really good member made me a good chocolate fruit cake so that was nice. I guess im starting to get old now but i still feel a little young. Well my body at times feels old but i think thats just the mission doing that too me. No it was a great birthday and a birthday that only passes once in a life time and no better place for me to have spent it but here in good ole Honduras!

Other then that all is going well with me and my companion hes making me a little baggy because hes going home in 2 weeks so that sucks sometimes but he someone has to be his last companion. The work is going great a ward mission leader is real piless they say means like he works hard. Weve been putting some plans together for activitys and everything and weve been finding some new people we should have some baptisims coming up hopefully in the begining of next month.

Other then that Im Super Sorry but i forgot my camera at the house so no pictures this week!:( But i promise next week youll get double! Other then that thank you all for the birthday wishes! Happy 18 thats 18 months im talking about here in the mission! Then i guess its until next monday! Love you guys miss you all take care be safe and well talk next monday!!

^^^^ELDER FO$TER^^^^