Monday, July 11, 2016

Un muy Largo Semana

Another week down in the Santa Maria here in zona valle de angeles. This week was good kindof long truthfully and a little stressfull but in the end everything worked out and it was good.

The week started off good its was pretty much normall we were just working. This area is pretty cool because its got so many different lay outs and everything. For example there is area that is just straight mountain and theres members that live up top so its kindof cool because once a week we go mountain climbing to go visit the members up there.

Then recently we just got a new ward mission leader hes a pretty cool guy named Jimmy. Hes been helping us out lately with the work doing visits and other stuff like that. There is a plan in our stake for the missionary work and what it focus in is having ward missionary and setting up family home evenings and they bring investagators and stuff to teach and they want that we have 3 family home evenings a week thats the plan at least. Its been going well and i like the idea. We get a lot of help from the mission president and the stake president in this so its real good.

Half way up the mountain looking down on the area!
On Friday we had district meet like always but President Bowler and his wife showed up thats the bad thing about being in a zone in the city because they come to everything haha just kiding it was cool and everything went well. Then the big news of the week is that Saturday we had a Baptisim! Her name is Fernanda when i got here the missionarys had just found her and we continued teaching her for the last few weeks! And she had been progressing so well and fast and she was ready to be baptized one really cool thing is that President Bowler and his wife also came to the baptism it was a wierd week because we saw president alot this week.

President Bowler at our Baptisim!
Then on Sunday everything just kindof setteled down and started going back to normall. It was a really long week but in the end everything turned out good. Today for p-day nothing too special we just all went to a members house and watched a movie. It was one missionarys birthday so we suprised her with a cake and everything it was good. Then just went and ate and then went and bought a few things and yeah thats the week.

This missions going great i cant believe im coming on 18 months it just blows my mind. The hardest thing right now is that im killing my companion or in normal people words is that this change my companion is going home so ill be his last comp. Everyone is just like yeah your leaving 3 weeks what you going to do and all that stuff it sucks haha but o well someone has to do it. Well thanks for everything guys i love and miss you all i hope you have a great week and ill talk to you all again next monday take care!