Saturday, December 24, 2016

Nunca Hay Un Día Aburrido En La Misión!

Well This last month that i got left the schedule and everything that they have us on is a little crazy and difficult to explain so if the emails come in on wierd day sorry it just holiday time and we have alot of events and stuff going on in the mission. Eaither way I only got like 4 emails lefT=)

Well let me tell you the mission never gives you a day to rest and there is always many different things going on and well you could say that honduras yeah after 23 months is taking a tole on my gringo body! Ive been pretty sick for the last few months mainly with stomach problems well with that not getting any better and other small things I had a meeting and he said he had one last special mision for me and with the change it will help me put up with the last month of stomach problems because the weather and everything is alot different!

Sorry i cant rotate the pic but MERRY CHRISTMAS

It was a tough thing to do to have to say goodbye to Amapala a place I truly loved and everything but i know one day ill go back and visit and sometimes the lord just has other plans for you! So yep im in a different are now its called Moroceli a very small pueblo in the middle of no where about a hour outside the capital of tegucigalpa.

Its a branch that was stong a few months back with a assistence of around 80 but theres has been a few problems and has been down in the 30s for assistence and on the branch president there for priesthood holders. So i was told i may only have one month left but i have alot of work to do.

Here were in the desert haha but the cold desert its weird i imagine its a large part that i just came from a place that was in the 100s and up everyday now im in like the 70s and 80s and at night worse i sleep in a hoodie pants and a big blanket and feel like im going to freeze to death. But the heat was giving me problems with rashes and other things so now here i wont have to deal with that. My companion is new about 4 months he has and only week more than me in the area so its like were opening the area its been fun and interesting and busy. Hes from the republica dominicana he cool we get along well.

My new comp a little crazy but cool!

Anyways im going to leave you all with that info then well talk next week getting you some more info. Its been a little crazy and stressfull but im pushing along and hey before you know it ill be home 23 months down just 1 more to go sounds so crazy to say that but its real!!!

Welcome to Moroceli!

I love you guys miss you all thanks for your support love and prayers i can feel it all the way from here. I hope you all have a Merry Christmas or un Feliz Navidad! I look forward to talking to you all tomorrow and yeah enjoy the season!