Thursday, December 8, 2016

Muchas Sorpresas Y los Cambios!

Well well well the mission is filled with many diffrent suprises and fun. And thats how this week has been alot! I know i said that on my last change i was going to do like a pass over of my mission on the blog and all that but i changed my mind i have so much to write and talk about thats going on here in amapala ill just finish writing out about all the stories and everything going on here in my area!

Well the end of last week was filled with good and bad things i guess you could say. Weve been just been recieving alot of problems with who was out old group lider and also some recent converts and just things like that its all been taken care of now but its been a big head ace.

The awesome things is that this past saturday we did have our big activity and we also had a baptisim! It was awesome it would a youth or young adult of 18 years old named Alejandro! Hes a cousin of this really awesome family on the island that takes care of us a ton! It was a great experience for the family and for everyone.

Alejandro Me and my companion!
Then the following day we truthfully knew that my compànion was going to have changes so it  was kindof sad haha we had alot of good memories and things we did. I almost want to say with all the companions and experiences and everything that i had he was probably my faviorite  and probably even with all the trials and problems the best change yet. 

The Baptisim Spot!!
Now we just have to see this new change and how it goes. Well just when things cant get anymore crazy or anything well changes come up they call us on monday my companion head to a far area and they tell me well your going to be training a new missionary! The first time ever in the history of Amapala as well that a missionary has trained so it was pretty nerve racking and stuff.

Well changes comes we get up to tegucigalpa for changes and everything. I dont know why but i said to my self watch there going to give me a gringo or american hes not going to know spanish nothing. ahha Well something like that my new companion is named Elder Silva! Hes from Brazil! He speaks portugues i couldnt belive it hes been speaking spanish for one month now and he doesnt really know english eaither!

The things that is good is spanish and portugues are really simaluar so the month he had in the mtc helped him alot he knows quite a bit but asks me to tell him things alot it cool and fun! Im excited to finish with  a brazilano companion and maybe learn a little portugues at the same time. It should be fun training and should make the time fly by real fast!

My last companion Elder Silva from Brazil!
I cant belive its coming to a end yeah 42 more days then ill be home im not sure how to feel but im just going to keep on pushing along until the last day! Everything is going great I love you all miss you all and well talk to you next week!