Monday, June 13, 2016

Creo que esta temblando!?

Well not sure where to start it was a pretty good week nice and calm nothing real new. To start i guess i can talk about the small earth quake that hit here it was kindof cool but also a little scary at the same time. I belive this was the first earth quake that i have ever felt before at least that i can remember. It was about 9:45 at night and me and elder lozano were just kindof laying there talking then all a suddon i felt this wierd shaking. I thought at first that elder salinas whos bed is behind me was just shaking my bed. Then my companion who was on the other side of the room said its a earth quake. We then jumped up and ran to the door then elder salinas was asleep but it woke him up and he was kindof spooked. To me it scared me just for the fact i dont have much trust in the honduren houses here. So we went outside but after that nothing else really. Suposivly a big one hit in nicaragua and then we just got the after shock but there wasent much damage or anything here. It was pretty cool if you ask me. But i dont want it to happen again haha.

From there i guess we can go to the other thing that we use to live 4 elders in our house and it was really fun we always were doing something fun between us four. But the fun came to a end that on friday they got a house in there own area which is las unidas this is the area that i was in about a year ago so its been a little wierd being just me and my companion in the house and everything this last few days.

Then this week its been raining a ton like everyday its so wierd that this big rain storm just comes out of no where. You can just see when it start to come its just like a huge black cloud with thunder and lighting. They say that this is the rain season im starting to belive it. There also talking alot about tropical storms coming and everything but who knows. I do remember them talking about the earth quake like 2 months ago and that it was going to come in june i guess maybe i should belive them.

Other then that me and my companion have been just having some awesome experiences finding new people. After the family we baptized its like we were at zero almost. But we just kept working and going and we had a older investagator just progress rapidly and then a new investagator named omar that the story of how we just ran into him and he lives with a inactive family that following sunday came to church and this last one and hes super involved with the young men its great. Anyways we have 2 baptisms planned so it should be awesome wish us luck hopefully all goes through good.

(Sorry No Pics this week)

Everything is going well. Its still hot here but every onces and a while we get a nice little break with clouds so no worries. I love and miss you all i hope you have a great week and well talk to you next monday!