Monday, June 20, 2016

Diecisiete Meses Hoy!

Well this has been a good week i cant complain. Really this week we just focused on the two baptisms that we had planed to make sure that everything was going to be ready. The two people we had planned to get baptized were Guadalupe and Omar. Two completly different stories but very awesome experiences for me.

To start off with Guadalupe i remember like it was yesterday my first day in the area two changes ago three months ago contacting her in front of a members house and she said yeah you guys can come and visit me. Almost all her family is members her parents all four of her children just her and her husband not. So the first change we worked with them very hard but nothing then the second change we started involving members and everything started progressing very well. We knew after about a month we werent going to get far with the husband he just didnt want anything but the mom was always somewhat interested. The best thing and one awesome thing about the story in back on the 31st of december in 1999 she was married with her husband with the help of two missionarys and then the both of them got changes so they got disanimated and never got baptized.

With Omar me and my companion were just out contacting one day and we were actully going to walk by this one house then one lady said goodbye hermanos or brothers pretty much like goodbye elders. So we walked back ended up contacting them and it was a inactive family we set up a visit for the next day and went it was a saturday Then we found omar a 13 years old and he right away was really interested in the church and everything we to all the mutals with the youth and came two sundays just like you have to and just ended up progressing so fast and was just ready to be baptized!

As you can see above everything went well. It wasent easy but its always worth it. I just helps to see there is always people who are ready some may be ready in 15 days like omar others just take a little more time like hermana guadalupe. I know this work is true i love it and theres nothing id rather be doing in this time right now.

Today its offical i hit 17 months. Im starting to feel it little by little rolling down to a end. But im not done yet its still going. This week theres changes. Lets just say my time in Iztoca is over it was a good time and crazy to have been able to have to oppertunity to return to one of my old wards. Also for the oppertunity to train a new missionary was fun my son elder ramirez hes a great guy. P-day was nice and chill we didnt do much just kindof relaxed.

Anyways ill inform you all next week on where im going my new area my new calling and my companion it should be interesting. Anyways I love and miss you all have a great week thanks for everything you guys do for me. Have a great week and talk to you next Monday!

The One the Only ELDER FO$TER