Monday, June 6, 2016

Vamos a la Playa!

I have so sick of honduran computers ive been seriously messing with this computer for the last hour trying to get it to work. Anyways its good now i guess thats all that really matters. This week was good pretty much.

Its started off that monday night my companion threw up in the middle of the family home evening that we had. I felt bad for him but at the same time it was kindof funny he made it outside though so no worries there. Then when we got back to the house we live 4 in the same house one of the other elders was also sick. The only thing we could think of is there was a new burger king that opened up and us 4 ate there so maybe they got something bad. So Tuesday just me and the other elder that wasent sick went out and worked it went pretty well. Our companions just rested all day in the house.

Wensday was back to normal and everything. As well as the rest of the days of the week. Nothing too exciting. Its been raining here a ton everyday this week im pretty sure its rained. They say this is how the rain season is here and supposeivly it lasts till like November or something in not sure though. Truthfully I like it makes it so much cooler here or if anything the clouds give shade from the sun and thas always nice. The bad part is there is a ton of mosquitos. And thats probably a big part that there is no water system here really like 75 percent of the water just sits in the road or they make there own trenches but it doesnt work the water just sit there. Thats why theres so many mosquito sickness here 3 that are big and common. Called dengue chikinguna and zinca. Lucky i havent got one yet. But it puts you in bed for like a whole week you can barley walk they say some missionarys have got it or have it. But there hasent been many cases of it lately no worries!

Other then that me and my son as they call it have been doing good. It was fun training in the begining now its just like alot of work. But i like it most of the time. Im just happy i got a elder with a desire to learn and work so i cant really complain there. Then other then that just lots of rain and this p day was pretty good we went to the Beach.

Yes its like the 3rd time weve went in like 2 months but theres not much to do here. And we cant go swiming eaither so it isnt that good. But this beach we went to was alot better then normall because there was a lot of hammics and fish and srimp. The fish was good and big. Then the srimp were giant but here were so good and then a little of tajaditas there called just fried platanos or bananas and some sauce it was good. The beach is a little slanted but we still played football and soccer. It was raining a little but i like it.
(Elder Foster, Elder Gray, Elder Lozano and Elder Carter)

Other then that same ole same ole. Working hard and enjoying it all in the process. We found some new people this week and may have a few baptisims this month which is good. The attendence has been going up also in the ward which is awesome because it had been pretty low. Then the rest is all good. I would say nice and hot as always but like i said this week it has been nice with the clouds and rain. Well i miss you and love you all. I want to send a big birthday shout out to one of my best friends of all time. He knows who he is and i know he'll be reading this. Love you man. And love all you guys have a great week and i talk to you next monday!