Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Se Robaron Mi Gyrobo!

Hello everyone i hope that all are doing well. Once again im here writing and saying wow how fast went by the week again! Some of you may be wondering why as i writing on wensday now the thing is that we had interviews today the whole zone so our meeting day got changed a little but just for this week!

Well this was once again a really good week i cant complain im loving it. Its still pretty hard and everything here but im pretty sure it was meant to be that i finish here. I cant belive yeah the change is pretty much over just this week and like 3 days next week and it seems to look like ill be getting a new companion and ill be on my last change my last 6 weeks! WOW i never though I would say that!

Anyways back to the biz this week was good and normall with all the visits. The church is really coming together here its been awesome to see the changes and everything and i think it will make a huge difference in the end with a lot of things!

Well a quick story well me and my companion we talking about catching and eating a gyrobo which is like a big lizard that is here well we came back to the church in the afternoon.  Anyways  we have gyrobos in our roof big ones i think there family well i was walking around the house and i saw one on the roof. WEll my companion was in the bathroom.

So i scared it down and ran all around the house i was chaseing it and the truth try to smash it with a rock to eat it for dinner finally it climbed over a little wall and i had it traped in front of the church yeah. I was calling for my comp but he was still in the bathroom well. I was scared to grab it alone right i luckly see some kids walking by tell them to help me! In the end i grabed it and the thing is the kids wanted to take it but i said sorry its mine haha. Well to finish the story me and my companion tie it up with rope and put it in a bucket with a piece of metal no way it can get out! (We were going to take it to a member after to eat it)

Well we leave it there in the bucket cool right well come back in 1 hour .... The gyrobo is gone no where to be seen no way it escaped! it was tied up! And if it broke free at the least we would have seen the rope in the bucket nope! Our gyrobo got stolen! yep those little freaking kids climbed over the fence theres a spot that doesnt have bob wire and they took it it has to be! I imagine because you can sell it for money. I was a little sad my gyrobo i worked so hard to catch got stolen but hey what you going to do.. Thats my story!

Anyways to finish on Monday we stayed on the island it was great with some members we climbed up the mountain on the island its super high like 3 hours climbing up but it was awesome up thereç and you can see everything! It was a good p-day!

Good news if all goes well were having a baptisim on saturday and a big activity on the beach it should be super fun and good! WEll ill be writing on thursday and my emails or blog will be a little diffrent im going to do a recap of my last areas until my last week when i make it to this area just a lot of pictures and stuff youll enjoy it! Love you all be safe and talk to you next Thursday!