Monday, April 11, 2016

La Vida en Iztoca

This week was good. I know ive offically been out of the office for coming up on a month now but i finally feel like the was my first full week out and it felt great. So the only thing that was a little different it that on tuesday was the consejo de los liders. Thats normally when all the Zone leaders go up to the city and have like a big traing confrence this but this time they invited the District leaders as well. So i got to go up to tegucigalpa with the other district leader in the zone and we recieved instructions and everything is was a long day we left at like 5am and got back at like 7pm but it was worth it and was good.

Then after that it was just kindof back to the normall work. I have to say opening a area isnt the easiest thing but i feel good or better after two weeks now of getting to the area. At first you just get there and dont know anyone or anything and you just think where do we start what do we do and you just start knocking doors until one goes elders hey how are you are you two new haha. Then from there they can help you to know other memebers close by and things like that. Also ive come to know that the caperta de area or the binder of the area that keeps all the information in it with investagators and everything has been a great tool. Even though the directions normally are terrible because theres no street signs or numbers anything it a little hard but little by little weve been finding the old investagators and new ones as well.

Also this week something a little cool the hermanas in the area centro had a baptism coming up so i have to come up do a little interview just to make sure there ready and everything so we went up on Friday and did that. It was just a little 9 year old girl she was just super sweet. I did the interview and everything then after we asked her who it was she wanted to baptize her and for some wierd reason she picked me i was like are you sure and she was not budging she wanted me to do it so on saturday i baptized a little girl kindof cool. One other cool thing is where the interview was there was some little piglets and so me and my companion took some pictures with them you can look at the pics below!

Other than then that everything is going well. Me and my companion love the area and were working hard meeting new people and everything. We have some great investagators also a couple were going to try to get married so that they can get baptized! Other then that nothing else too intersting. Thanks everyone for the support and prayers. I love you all miss you all I hope last week went well and this week will be even better. Because every day is a new day to do something better! Hasta el Próxima semana!