Monday, April 4, 2016

Well this week back in the south has been fun. And really hot! On Tuesday we had changes and I got to make the long jorney back to the south and the farther we went also the hotter it got. Truthfully ive been getting use to it but its about a twenty degree difference and you can tell. Right now its the hottest time of the year and normally always above 100 degrees.

Other than that I was sent back to Iztoca in the zone porvenir. The thing i was in Iztoca B about 9 months ago or las unidas they call it but there two different area competly seperated. And now they even opened us a little group over in las unidas so its just us two in the ward. The ward is really good the bishop is on top of everything and gets us the help which is nice if we need it. On wensday was district meeting and it took quite a while because the zone is so big the biggest in the mission we have 26 missionaries in the zone. With 3 different district leaders. By my district is pretty cool there is two sets of hermanas then the elders in las unidas.

The area is going pretty well its a little difficult right now because with me and my companion being competly new and when i was in iztoca B only passing through the area like 4 time we know nobody and have been doing alot of door knocking trying to find people and such. I thing in about another one or two solid weeks we should be back in decent shape know where alot of members live and also the investagator that were left behind and those we are finding now. It been different but i love it the area is good the members and my companion hes a good guy. His names Elder Miranda from mexico he has 21 months but he still going good work hard with me.

Other than that the confrences were great! Kindof bad timing because we need to be working in our area and building it up little by little but its okay the talks and everything were great. Especially in the preisthood session real direct but good i liked it. President Monson only talked for a short time but used the time wisely! All of saturday was taken by confrence and then sunday we got back to the area about 5 and then we decided to look for this big family that was left in the area book that are investagators but its really far and we ended up getting lost in the desert pretty much and after a good 1 and a half walking finally made are way to where we needed to be didnt find the family but a good attempt.

Then for today we went to the beach with another zone there was 44 of us we rented out a bus to take us there and back. We played soccer and football some uno the card game and just enjoyed are selfs. This next week is back to the grind im ready but just wish it wasent so hot! Tomorrow is consejo for the liders and there inviting the district leaders so ill have to be going to consejo so that will be fun tegucigalpa tomorrow. Well i miss and love you all thanks for your support. All is well still love being a missionary everyday. Hope you all have a great week and talk to you all next week!