Monday, April 25, 2016

El Grande Gyrobo

Hello everyone all is going well here in honduras just the same ole same ole working hard in the heat. The area is doing well as well as the ward here in Iztoca. This time of year is suppose to be the hottest and im feeling. The thing is though its suppose to be rain season coming up so they say it gets cooler but just when its raining then after comes out the sun and it just gets hotter so im not sure and more rain means as well more mosquitos and i have plently of bites already.

Other then all that the begining of the week was well were really focusing on some of the investagators we have now and also trying to look for some new ones. A few days ago we contacted this older man who was moving all these rocks in a wheel barrel. So we contacted him and he was really postive like yeah im going to go to church and everything. Anyways he didnt come on sunday but we went searching for him and found him but we had to take this back trail behind these houses where there ended up being like 6 houses but from the front it just looked like one. Anyways we then met his wife and kids and it was just a overall cool experience to know if we didnt contact him that one day we would have never of found his house and his family who seem to be really postive.

Other then that just normall work and everything but we also have one other family that is the family corrales that are super postive have like 5 kids some which are baptized but the parents not yet because there not married yet so conjoined with the other area in las unidas one of my older areas we are going to be having a big activity selling food to raise money to marry these 3 familys it is in total to hopefully raise sufficent money to be able to marry them so wish us luck this week with setting all this up!

Today for p-day all the hermana in the zone wanted to have there own p-day so us elders said okay and went out gyrobiando or pretty much to say go out to hunt these big huge lizards called gyrobos! So we went out a got some with some older member guys and caught a few, I got a little sun burned but it was fun! Well this is all i have time for i hope you all have a great week and well talk again soon!

Love the one the only ELDER FOSTER