Monday, April 18, 2016

La vida Misional

Hello everyone once again we have arrived to monday the time as i will probably say 10 more times it just goes by so fast! But the week went well i feel pretty confortable in my area and everything now and theres alot of work that can be done and progress to be made so we just keep going at it.

This week i cant say that there was too much interesting things that happened. But the weeks are truthfully full of fun and excitment. Tuesday and Wensday was good just normal work and everything. Are area it called iztoca but there is a few other little pueblos or towns like 30 mins just straight out into the desert and we have to go there like once a week reguardless to visit the members. But we have been doing a little bit of contacting out there and we have had a lot of success kindof.

The people are really humble and stuff there houses are made of dirt or sticks some of brick but theres not power in some spots so we go during the day but weve been finding some decent investagators out there that far.Thehikein the desert isnt that great with the heat but its worth it in the end. Then we had district meet and everything this week at that went well with me being the district leader i have to give a class but ive been actully kindof enjoying it and stuff. Here below is a picture if the desert area were working in and one of the houses there.

Then on saturday I baptized a little girl named maraly shes a sweet little 11 year old girl in primary but shes what we say here pilis or just really smart and stuff in the church so we got to do that on saturday. Then the rest of the stuff has been just normall working hard still getting to know the area and everything but its all going great. I love this ward here there just on top of everything there might be a few things i dont accept fully on the way the do it but its nice we recieve the help and everything that we need as far as missionaries.

Also i just got the notice that my companion Elder Miranda it actully going to be going home a change early for school. So at the end of the change in May i can be expecting a new comanion. So i will be killing my first missionary as they say that just means in the terms that the 2 years are up your there last companion and your killing them. No worries im not actully killing anyone. Well thats about it ill try to get more info in next week maybe. But all is going well working hard loving the mission and just enjoying the time. This week its offical Ill hit 15 months wheres the time going, in not sure but whats left im going to make sure its used right.

P day was great we went to whats called san marcos its just a little town on top of a mountain here in the south the cool thing is it is cool up there. We just played soccer and stuff it was fun. Well i miss and love all you guys! Have a great week and talk to you all soon!