Monday, May 30, 2016

La Familia Corrales

This week was good. It started off with interviews. Every 3 months we have interviews with our president of the mission we pretty much just go over how the mission is going what we can work on and everything like that. So that happened this week and it was good and normall nothing to out of the ordanry. 

This week was planned to be the big gran finally for the Family Corrales. So we started with the big activity then the weding and now we were down to the week that was suppose to be the baptism. It started with the interviews you have to do some baptisim interviews for any person that is going to be baptized. Another missionary comes and just asked a few questions that makes sure that they understand the doctine and that they are keeping the commandments and everything. So the husband is a police officer so he works like 24 hours on then like 12 off yeah the crappy laws of honduras nothing is fair here. Then he gets every other weekend off. So during the middle the week we planed to do the interviews. 

The day of the interviews came and only the husband and the wife were able to do them there was a little problem with the little girl that was going to get baptized. But luckly we got the elders to come back the following day and everything went well and they passed the interview. So then the day of the baptism came and we just felt that we should go to the baptisim to fill the pila of the baptismal fount up and get everything ready ahead of time. Well we got there and the baptisimal fount was flooded with like 5 inches of dirty water. So we tried to unplug it but nothing the water wouldnt go down. So lets just say we knew someone was going to have to get in the water and scoop it out little by little and then clean it to have it. Ready well we drew sticks to see who would be the unlucky one to get it and fix the problem. The photo will help you know who drew the small stick!

I got the short end of the stick
Then it came down to the night we got the family there and it was one of the most awesome things i ever got to see or be a part of. The mom wanted me to baptize her then my companion baptized the dad (his first baptisms too) then the little girl was baptized by someone else. It was just a great service that the spirt and everything couldnt even be explain. I love this family and i just know them with the 4 children are going to do great things. Im greatful for the lord giving me the oppertunity to prepare them to follow the example of Jesus christ and be baptized!

Then just to add the cherry on top. With a little good story. On Thursday the dad told me that he wasent going to be able to go to church that sunday and get confirmed until the next sunday because there was a special event on sunday that he was going to have to be there to patrol. Well they said that night they prayed as a family that some how he would be able to go to church that sunday after the baptism and that he wouldnt have to work. They prayed that night and the following morning he recieved a call from his boss and that they moved the event until the following sunday and he wouldnt have to work.
The Family Corrales (Missing the two older kids)
The power of prayer and of fasting are true and real. Ive seen it so much these past few months with this family and the other familys that were also in the activity and got baptized last week. Other then that the week went well now were just looking and knocking doors to see who may be the next family thats preparred to accept this wonderful Gospel. I love and miss you guys hope you have a great week as always and ill talk to you next monday!

The whole Family Corrales Sisters, cousins everyone!