Monday, August 29, 2016

La Calle de Oro

Hello everyone writing live from honduras where it is pouring rain and i hope the power doesnt go out because if so then there goes the internet and then there goes getting this email sent out. In this area though its been pretty good about the power going out compared to other areas where it goes out like 2 or 3 times a week.

Lately its been raining a lot this is the rain season they say and i belive it. The past few days its been just pouring but its wierd it like comes and goes its not very steady. This week has been pretty good nothing like too out of the ordanary. This week we found some what we think are really good new investagators on this road that weve been calling now la calle de oro. Which means the street of gold. Because weve been finding some really good investagators on just this one street this month we had two baptisims from that street then on this saturday we have planned to have one more.

It was weird we were just like lets contact some house then we said well why not just this same road where we have the other good investagator so we contacted and it turned out well for us. Even one of them came to church on sunday and i think they may really have the desire to get baptized so well have to see how that goes.

On this last monday for p-day we went to Picacho its called ive been before but we pretty much go once a change so once every 6 weeks because theres always new missionarys who want to go up and see it. It a Jesus Crist statue up on top of this mountain its pretty nice and theres a nice park up there and a little zoo that we went in this time. But its nothing like the zoos in the states trust me you wouldnt want to take your little one there. I was scared something was going to escape and eat us but we made it out alive. They remodeled one part too and it looks real nice.

Then on thursday we got a call from the bishop asking us to give a talk for sunday about missionary work. So me and my companion both gave talks on sunday it was pretty good i think. It was a little shavy maybe to get the members to start really working but i belive it was really spiritual as well it was something i kindof enjoyed. As go back before the mission and i was just terified to have to give a talk now its just like any other lesson to give to a member or investagors.

Other then that all is going well we have interviews with the president in a week then changes in two weeks so it should be interesting. Nothing else that i can think of i hope everything is going well back home and hope you all have a great week. Love you and miss you all well talk again next Monday!

 (Sorry no pics this week i dont have my camera next week though no worries)