Monday, August 8, 2016

Un Nuevo Compañero

The start of a new change is always something different and interesting. You always have the excitment of whos going to be your new companion what type of person they are and how they work and everything. If your going to a new area its even a bigger excitment especially if your changing regions and things like that.

So for me this week we recieved changes. And im getting a new companion. It was kindof obvious because my companion was finishing the mission. Anyways my new companion is named Elder Judd. He is from California and he has about 1 year in the mission. This is his first change being zone leader so i guess you would put it that im training him in some small things in the assignment. So i got a new gringo companion you would say hes a real good guy. Real calm and hard worker and everything but weve been getting along well i feel like it will be a good change.

Other then that for this week ive been just introducing my companion to all the members and our investagators. Its interesting how just after 6 weeks you can know a area and the members and then be in charge of showing a new companion it all. Its kindof fun as well i mean the whole mission is fun just talking and meeting with people all the time.

We bought him a cake but there was only girl cakes. Cake is cake!
The only other exciting and cool thing that happened this week is that we did have a baptism on saturday. Hermano Gustavo we met him about a month or so ago. He just was recently married and his wife is a member and all her family. She started bring him to church and then we set up a family home evening to get to know him better and everything it went well we then started meeting in there home and teaching him the lessons. Then slowly little by little the spirt testified to him all he needed to know. And now i know that him his wife and there little 2 year old son will be recieving many blessing for being a fiel family in the church. And then in one year hopefully they will be able to be sealed together.
Hermano Gustavo and his wife and son!
Other then that for the week nothing else i can really think of just the beging of the week with my other comp saying bye to members then the end of the week with my new comping saying hello to everyone. We do have 2 more baptisimed planed for this saturday there twins ill explain more about them the following week. Just keep us in your prayer and wish us luck that all goes well with them.

Well other then that all is well the area is great here the members are awesome and my new companion seems to be cool as well. So i hope all is going well back home. I miss and love you guys have a great week and ill talk to you all next Monday.