Monday, August 1, 2016

La Ultima semana del Cambio

The last week of the change! I dont know i feel like after 18 months now its hard for me to keep you guys interested about all that im doing here in honduras. Trust me here every day is a journey and you always see or do something new. The thing is that here in the city i feel like i dont have as many cool storys and stuff like I had in the South. Also our area here is really small but its good i like it its not to hot the members are great and just in general not as rough as the south.

Well for this week the thing is it was the last week for my companion so we just went around working with our investagators and then visiting the members little by little saying goodbye but his final good bye because hes going back to the USA. Yeah hes finishing the mission im pretty sure ive said that before but hey everyone has there time. Anyways ill be happy to be getting a new comp who hopefully isnt finishing the mission because its a little bit difficult.

So other then that we our just preparing our investagator Gustavo to be baptized for this saturday. Its been really cool seeing the progress of him in the gospel and just going to church and everything with his wife who is member and they have a little 2 year old son its going to be great for them to recieve the blessings of the gospel! Other then that we do have 3 others that are preparing to be baptized this month, So its going to be a exciting month possible with getting a new companion and then having some people possible getting baptized im excited!

Then lately the members have been inviting us alot over to eat this week because my companion is leaving. So this week we ate something that was very interesting and youll see in the photo. It was a first for me so i can mark it off my bucket list, But lets just say i hope i dont have to eat that every again i didnt feel to well after that.
Its exactly what it looks like Cow Tongue! mmmm
Other then that the time is just going by and the work is going well this month should be a good one. O yeah and happy August can you believe it that the month of July yep gone. So yeah sorry for the boring week again but thats about all i got. For p-day today was awesome what we did is me and my companion two other missionaries in the zone and then two members we got up at like 5 30 then we and hiked up this cool mountain and then just hiked around went up the mountain range and saw some cool abanded houses and stuff.

Sorry bad luck i didnt take my camera and the other elders forgot theres as well. So dont worry we are planing another trip for this coming change and it should be good were going to go even farther and then ill take my camera and show all the pictures and everything. We also had like a little cook out up there too which was fun and cool then just came down dead and tired.

Anyways that was about the whole week. Nothing too interesting but next week will be better with a new companion a baptisim hopefully and whatever else follows! Well thanks for tuning in i guess you could say i hope you all have a great start of the month of august. Love you all miss you take care and well talk next week!