Monday, August 22, 2016

Mucho Trabajo y Poco Descanso!

Another great week down in the capital of Honduras! Sorry about last week we had a long p-day activity then when i finally got back to the area to write yeah the power was out and by the time it came back it was late and just decided not to do a entry.

Now a reacap for the last two weeks i guess we had some exciting things go down i guess. To start just for my personal record and landmark statement this last week i offically hit the big 19 months in the mission yep 19 months crazy to think. Now im going for the 20s. The time is just flying by its crazy. 

But these last two weeks have been good me and elder judd have been working real hard. The last week we had two baptisims it was really cool because they are twins! Now they look nothing alike but i have it on record and everything that they are twins. There names are Genkarlos y Nazerth there awesome. Half of there family is inactive then the other half arnt members. There really active though and a great example for there family. And even now from there baptism because alot of there family came were teaching more of them so its awesome. 

So that was one of the other highlights of the week before. I to start taking better small notes throughout the week to remind me of other small things that were cool that happen otherwise when i just write i spend alot of time thinking what to say even know there was like 100 things that went down. 

Then for this week well the main thing is the last monday are big p.-day activity was that we went hiking through the mountains in our area all the way to this one place called valle de angeles its a area also the name of are zone. But it was a long hike i want to say like 15 miles through the mountains and everything. We only went 4 elders and 2 members it was probably the funnest p-day my entire mission. We found a hidden waterfall a rainstorm hit us and so many cool things. 

Anyways we were pretty dead that next day on Tuesday. But we had another baptism that day on tuesday. So we were still go go go. Now with this one i give all the credit to the lord because it just fell right into out hands unlike the other 2 we found.The thing is anyone that is 9 years or older even if there parents are members they have to go through us to be baptized. So we have to teach then interview them then do the baptism. So thats what happened on this one just didnt get baptized with the ward because yeah he had completed 9 years old. But we still worked really hard getting ready this one was just a preparred one but it was still great getting everything ready for him and his family another great day it was. 

Its been a very tiring months this last month with getting all 4 of these baptisms ready and then just taking care of other zone things and stuff like that. But theres nothing else id rather do. Just keep on pushing along. Now me and my companion are just continuing to search and find more to bring unto crist through baptism and keeping the commandments! Hopefully september ends up as great as august is being. 

Thats about it ill stop writing now and let you all relax. I love and miss you all i hope you have a great week and I will talk to you all next Monday!