Monday, October 3, 2016

¡Bienvenido Octubre!

It always feels so wierd to be sitting down and writing again every monday just comes so fast and it feels like i was litteraly just writing yesterday!

Anyways another great week i cant complain. Confrence week as a missionary is always so great but well get there in a second. So To start monday night we got a call from the mission president. President Bowler he told us that he wanted to go and do some visits with us so we were like whoo cool sure haha. The thing is if you all remember when i was in the office i was his secertary and i remember planning a very few times for him to go out with missionarys but now that hes going to do it with us its wierd but cool.

Anways we took him to the family vallecio theres 4 of them im pretty sure ive talked about them there a mom her two kids 17 and 19 years old and a uncle that lives there theres also a little 7 years old boy she has 3 kids anyways we found them about a month ago and have been teaching them and everything its been so awesome. Some have progressed faster then others but the goal we put for them a few weeks ago was to be baptized on the 8th which is this saturday. They all went to conference on sunday morning. Well nothings set or anything for this saturday but keep your fingers crossed were hoping that this saturday there all dressed in white well see tomorrow we have a visit with them.

The other thing that happened that was awesome is we have this far part kindof that is in our area and theres a few members there it takes about 15 mins to get there in car or bus. Anyways we got some refrences and everything there so weve been visiting and everything well theres these 2 family up there eaach family is like 7 people some are postive others more or less you know how it is well the member up there set up a big family home evening to take all the investagators up there well we passed by the houses and got 10 investagators! We watched the testament movie and talked a little about the book of morman it was awesome. If all goes well maybe well have a few baptisims for there on the 15th!

Family Home Evening (Everyone you see is investagators with
two more in the corner and the members in the back!
Lastly how could i skip it is about the confrence it was awesome. And also a little sad for me it was my last confrence in the mission so crazy to think. But the talks and all 5 sessions were great. I loved hearing from the profet about the plan of salvacion and from president nelson about how the gopel brings joy to our live i testify of that as well. The thing is through all my confrences ive always watched them in english in another room in the church. Which i did for the 3 session on saturday but on sunday i sat in with our investagators also the last session we had a investagator and we watched it in spanish with him too. It was interesting my last two session of confrence watched in spanish it was like the lord was showing me some things i enjoyed it alot and glad to say that it ended that way. The messages were amazing as i said and just strengthins my testimony even more that we are in the one and only true church in all of the world!

Well i love and miss you all i hope this month of october goes well for you all save some candy for me and keep a few fallen leaves because just a few more short months ill be back with you all. I love you guys and i love the mission. I will talk to you all next monday be safe!