Monday, October 10, 2016

Otra semana en los libros!

This was a  real good week and now its crazy to think that were already 1/3 the way through october. The time is really flying by.

This week on Tuesday we had a little consejo is what it is called it was for all the leaders it like a meeting we do once a month takes a majority of the day. Then on wensday we went to el chimbo this kindof far part of our area you have to take a 20 min bus ride because its in this other part of the mountains where were seving. The last bus passed by at 6 at night but we got a family that was a refrence of 8 people it was awesome but we have to visit them at like 6 or 7 at night so there all there. Any away a member took us and we got stuck in a ditch because it had been raining a lot and alot of mud well say. Anyways weve been visiting this family and this member has been helping to bring some not all (because some are faster then others haha) to activitys and church some have came like 3 of the boys.

Well on saturday 7 of the 8 came to churchs and the mom just said to us existe los milagros which meens miracles do happen. I dont know what that really means where going to visit them tomorrow 3 of them could be possible getting baptized this saturday if all goes well. The funny part of the story is the member who got his car stuck with us in it. I took pictures i felt bad but it was just kindof funny with the type of guy he is. Good news is he got out and everything thats all that matters.

Then for the rest of the week the only other real thing we did is get this one family ready for the waters. The thing is theres 6 of them only 5 are above 8 years old. The family is moving to new york soon its kindof a crazy story there moving to the states soon the problem is the parents arnt married and they have to wait 6 months at the least because there getting residence and moving to the us its crazy. Well there all real postive the dad works alot the other 4 or 5 with the little one hes 7 years old. The others are real postive but only 2 of them got baptized here on saturday the other one went out of town but there awesome and We could get the other one baptized soon. This family i cant really explain but really awesome.

Other then that weve been just really busy but hey it makes the time go by fast which is good and bad haha. Well i love and miss you guys a ton i hope all goes well in each and every one of your guys life if your family or not. Im glad that you guys can follow my mission story. And i hope all goes well for you all. Talk to you next monday!