Monday, October 17, 2016

Los Buenos y Los Malos!

Another great week in the books. The days just keep turning into weeks then the weeks into months and very shortly like 3 months shortly all the months will have turned into 2 years!

This was a good week though i cant complain. Beside the fact i think some type of stomach bug hit me good. On monday after we went and ate at a resturante i felt terrible the whole night and couldnt really sleep. But we had a few baptisims planned so we had to get some visits and everything done so i just pushed through it everything good.

Well Wensday came and everything was good we actully had divisions with 2 other elders from the zone i went to another area called el sitio. Its a interesting and little bit of a scary area haha but i survied no worries. Other then that all was good i was with elder baller we had fun and everything well Thursday morning i woke up somehthing just didnt feel right. I got back to the house and felt bad. We had some real important lessons though. So we did divisions with members i just stayed in the house with the other member i couldnt walk nothing my stomach was killing me. Well the notice is that unfortantly after 21 months in the mission with out puking well the streak ended haha i dont know what i ate but it was probably something from the calle as they say or a street vender haha i learned my lesson. I normally am good but not this time.

Im good now though no worries friday was chill and everything i went to district meeting and i finally ate pizza! Hondueran pizza though not that good. Ahhh what i would do for a papa johns pizza its on the list. So yeah then we came back from our meeting and everything we were with the district leader so he could do some interviews for us and it all went well. Then we got the baptisim pila ready because we did the baptisims in the morning because there was a church wide activity where they were planing 33000 trees in one day here in honduras. We were going to go but in the end couldnt make it.

Well as you can see above everything turned out good and we had 3 baptisms on saturday. These young men Christopher, Jerling and Marcos and awesome and i know that when they grow up they are going to do awesome and great things for them and there family which the majority is not member.

Well i belive satan was fighting with us alot this week for the baptisms to not happen and with it beening hard to really explain the stories of how we found them and the difficulties we had and everything and the changes i just promise you that there great and marvolous and im greatful for having of been a part of the whole thing,

That really all for this week all is going well. Crazy to think that i now have almost more then 4 months in my area and in like 10 days there will be changes and im probably out but enjoying whats left here. Anyways i love you all i miss you all i hope you have a great week and well talk again next monday!