Monday, October 24, 2016

Adiós a La Santa Maria!

Well i officaly only have 12 p days left thats kindof crazy when i think about that. A good week filled with a lot of rain and the truth the week before changes nothing super special that i can tell you guy!

The begging of this week we ha plans to get and go to el chimbo where we had the recent converts and everything. The thing is i dont know what was up with this week but it just rained and rained. Today and yesterday i think were the only day i saw the sun and evrything.

El Chimbo River!
The thing is i was pretty sure that this was going to be my last week here in the santa maria. So me and elder judd just took advantage of saying good bye to all the members and everything and all of our recent converts and all that good stuff. We continued to see if we could possible have one more baptisim before the end of the change but things just didnt line up in the end.

The week has been kind bad on my stomach still. The problem is that i think i can only eat a little but in the end im kindof obligated to eat a good amount! Well this email i think for this week is going to be a little short and more borning.

Cool guy in our area named Maraca!
Today was fun we watched a movie and then headed up to valle de angeles! There we just looked around ate lunch and all that good stuff. The only other thing is that we did recieve changes and i am leaving the santa maria! Yeah its sad but at the same time im a little excited and nervous and everything. I dont want to give out too much where im going. Ill talk more about it next week! The only hits ill give is that i am going back down south. In this area misionarys only stay a max two changes (so ill be finishing my mission there). Lastly its a small group and lets just say its a little difficult to get there.

Thats all the hits im giving and everything next week on the blog youll get all the details and everything because its going to be a crazy week i can only imangine! But im excited for these lasting months! Well im super tired but hey you gotta just keep on pushing.

I love you all miss you all i hope that next monday you all have a Happy Halloween and i look forward to seeing all the pictures and everything. Love you all and be safe!