Saturday, March 5, 2016

Gira de la Misión

Hello Everyone I hope you all had a great week! This week was kindof busy but just like any other week I guess. Starting with sunday which was a pretty great day we had 3 investagators at church. 2 of them which are really postive and for the last month or two weve been visiting them and everything but hadent came to church or anything. But then finally this last week Franciso y Marlin came to church! The thing is our church starts at 8 so we figured that they would probably come late. But they were right on time and actully knew alot of people there and they said they had a great experience.

Then to make sunday even better in the afternoon we went on divisions with two priest to do more visits. Then we ran into one of our past investagators name German. This was all the way back to when i first came to the office and was with Elder Lozano he was just about ready to be baptized and everthing then had to moved. Well he Moved Back! We just started talking and he said yeah im ready to be baptized you guys dont even need to teach me everything again I remember and im ready! Crazy miracle really i couldnt believe it. We passed by last night and went over everything he knows it all and is ready so the following week if all goes well we will have a baptism. Then with the other two Marlin and Francisco they have a little bit of a problem with coffe but there working on it and have dates to be baptized as well which is awesome.

Its so weird as i come down to the end of the time here in the office and my area its like all these miracles are just coming out of no where. And i just want to be here to see all the baptisms and everything so i hope all works out good because theres still a little bit of time. Then to the rest of the week. Monday was just a normal office day a bunch of stuff just comes out of nowhere and we stuck there almost all day. Then Tuesday was better we got to our area earlier and had a lot of real good lessons! For wednesday is when everything started getting kindof crazy. We have the mission tour this week. Its were a seventy who is in the area presidency comes a tours the mission talks to the missionarys and just a bunch of things. So on Wensday he was down south. Then on Thursday he came up to the city and the east part of the mission came and we all recieved instructions and stuff.

Friday was the consejo with all the leaders and he just talked alot about Baptism, the attonment of Christ and we did some practices and everything the whole thing was really good. Then today P-day woo hoo. We just got up early and played soccer with people from our areas there was about 15 of us it was pretty fun. I messed my toe up kindof bad with the nail so hopefully that gets better.

Other then that all is going well. Next week comes my replacement for the office. Then ill train him for 3 weeks then im out at the end of March on changes. So it should be interesting and fun. Im ready to get out and go to a real area and everything. Then office has been great i learned alot but now that i have more then 6 months in here im ready to go! Well I hope all you guys have a great week! Love and Miss you all and I talk to you next Week!