Monday, March 21, 2016

La Vida en Valencia

Hello everyone it feels so weird writing on Mondays again. Im back to the normal missonary life and everything its great i love it. The area that im in right now is called Valencia im still here in the city and very close to where i was before. My companion is named Elder Stange hes from California. He has about  2 months less then me hes a good guy. One cool fact about him is he has a older brother that is serving in Tennessee, but i belive he will be finishing soon.

Other then that all is going well. Right after i sent my email on saturday i came straight to the area. Its really big there use to be 4 missionarys here but now theres only 2. Theres a few rich residencials where we are but some we can get in and others they wont even let us touch the intercom buttons. But we do have one other big part thats just a lot of little calles with house after house and just tons of people out always to talk to its great.

Truthfully I dont know how long ill be here because changes are coming up soon. But eaither way im just treating it as if i was to live her forever. The house is not too bag but the bad news back to the bucket shower no more good showers and defently no hot water. But i dont mind the cold bucket of water gets me awake and ready for the day. Other than that all is well sunday was stake confrence so i really didnt get to se the chuch or all the member that normally come. 

Me and my companion have been working hard we have some investagators but its a work in progress and i havent had a real chance to get to know them all yet. This week is whats called semana santa here and its a whole week thing were no ones in school or works and a lot of people leave for vaccion. Its also suppose to be the hottest week of the year but the wierdest thing is its actully raining and really cloudy so kindof cool i guess. P day with the zone was fun we just played games at the church then ate together.

Well thats about it not too much to talk about since saturday. But ill talk to you all on next Monday dont forget that im back to mondays. Love and miss you all friends and family. Have a great week and well talk again soon.

Elder Foster