Monday, March 28, 2016

Back to the South I Go!

Well this week was a great one. Just overall having the oppertunity to get back into normal missionary work has been awesome and a little wierd. Truthfully i feel like the time goes by just as fast if not faster here in the field. I feel great after now a full week in my new area of valencia.

This week started with alot of service are area here is fairly large so we kindof have alot of members and investagators more or less. We have this one couple his name is terry and her name is karen. Karen is a member but terry isnt so recently weve been visiting them theyve been coming to church and terry wants to get baptized but there not married yet so were working on that. Anyways terrys sister is pregnent and so they been building like a attachement part of the house for her to live in and the baby and her husband for when the babys born and everything. So we helped on Wensday getting the walls up and getting the bathroom built and stuff it was pretty fun. We didnt finish it all but we got a good little amount done. The picuters dont really show or explain what we were doing but we pretty much were builging the walls with dirt and concrete.

The beging of the week was wierd too because this week is whats called semana santa. Which is suppose to be the hottest week of the year but on monday and tuesday it was super cloudy and raining really wierd but i enjoyed it. Then Through out the rest of the week weve been just talking to alot of people and getting some new investagators and stuff. I love this area because its just so big the houses are clumped together on little roads so we can contact really easy. The only bad thing is the people here are a little bit hard headed normally dont want to talk to us so we just have to fight through the numbers and find the chosen ones.

Other than that me and my companion elder stange had something kindof cool happen to us we were just walking down the road contacting and there was this elderly man in his 70s or so sitting on this bench thing so we went up contacted him and in the end invited him to come to church and he said he was going to come but truthfully we get that alot sometimes but they never come. So i gave him a pass a long card that on the back said la iglesia el domingo a las 9am. Which just mean (Church Sunday at 9am)  Then wrote are names on the back and everything.

Well sunday comes around and the sacrament meeting starts were sitting in the back to see everyone and we have one other investagator there which is awesome. To honest I had forgoten about that old man but about 20 mins into the meeting he walking in nice button up and slack and i nuged my companion who was dosing off a little bit to say and he said thats the old man we talked to and invited and i yeah. Well after the meeting i went up to him we started chatting and he said you know i told you in evangelical but the spirt brought me here today and i really feel good here he said. We then invited him to stay he said he couldnt but then gave us his number and address and said im always at home just give me a call ill be waiting for your visit.

So kindof a cool little story for you guys now to end and to explain why it says back to the south i go. Welll on Tuesday is changes. So throughout the past 10 days or so i had a feeling in changes that i might be leaving. So President Bowler normally calls on sunday nights if some one is traing or going to be district leader or zone leader or anything special like that. Well at about 8 oclock last night we were in are mission correlation meeting and we get a call from president bowler. My companion anwsers the phone and he gets told he will be traing a new person then i automaticly know that im leaving but where i did know yet?

So my companion passes me the phone and president bowler says "Elder foster how are you" He then says " I have a special assignment for you, im going to be sending you to the south" And your going to be opening a area that we just took both missionarys out of. Your going to be senior companion and im putting you with a companion who only has 3 months left in the mission and hes a little dificult but i know you can do it. Then he finishes by saying, also ill be making you the district leader down there. So i got all this info and i thought well where ever he wants to send me ill go! So im pretty excited and nervous a little the thing is ill be going to Iztoca A about 9 months ago I was in Iztoca B but the areas arnt attached or anything. Even now Iztoca B meets in the own building unlike before were both of us met in the Iztoca A church. The only thing is i will know the bishop and some members which is nice but me and my new companion will not know anything just be starting from scratch!

Its kindof cool its going to be a little difficult im sure but im ready for the challenge! So tomorrow im heading back on down to the heat! It should be interesting and a good ole little journey! But what you gonna do just keep on pushing. The mission is going great what can i say I love being a Missionary! I love and miss you all i hope you all have a great week and i will be talking to you next week from back down in the south!