Saturday, March 12, 2016

He has Arrived!

The time has finally came I will be leaving the office. On Monday my replacement came in and if everything works out as planned at the end of the month I will have finished training him and we will be going to back out to the normall field at the begining of changes.

This week has been full of things and kindof tiring but as always a great week. To start with Sunday we had a confrence that was like all of central America and it was pretty good we had some investagators come and everything was really good. On Monday is when everything started to go down. So to start I had to get surgery on my big toe ive had a ingrown toe nail for some time and i finally decided that it was time to get it taken out. Better sooner then later I Figured.

So that is a little picture of my toe after the surgery. I got 2 stiches pretty cool huh? I put one of the nicer pictures on there so you all wont be too tramatized. It wasent too bad except for the shots that had to put in my foot you can see the little dots where they put them in. But after the shots it was all good i didnt feel a thing. I wasent able to work for 3 days but with me just getting my office son as they call it i just showed him alot of things and now my toes fine i keep it wraped up and its healing well. 

So to the next big new I have my replacement. My time in the office is finally coming to a end i cant belive truthfully that i have more then 6 months now in the office but the time just goes by so quick.
So my replacements name is Elder Coe. Hes from Utah he has 19 months so is pretty much at the last parts of his mission. The cool thing is when i started the mission in Tapaire we shared that area so i kindof knew him before and everything so its been good. 

The other thing is that the mission has changed the way of doing divisions so now if your a DL or a ZL the missionaries actully come to your area and you 4 work there instead of splitting up 2 and 2 so now all the DL and ZL and Sister training leaders need to have 4  beds and 4 chairs but alot just has the basic 2. So just this week we received a bunch of chairs and mat kingof things and now are in charge of getting them out to all the areas. So all Wednesday and Thursday we were in the South. We drove down in the morning and we there all day then headed back the following day in the afternoon. It was a lot of driving to alot of different areas but it was a good experice and we got to see a large part of the mission. So i went with elder Coe and we did that it was a long trip but fun and productive.

Then on Friday was just a normall day in the office then i got to go to the area. So that was nice the thing is right now were in a trio then one other elder as well will be leaving the office and is training his office son as well. So right now there is 6 of us in here so we did pretty good this week about doing divisions and being able to keep the area well.

Also we had 2 other missionaries living with us for the week and still with us because of differnt reasons like injurys and stuff so we have been 8 in the house and its been interesting. But im just enjoying all the crazyness and madness that the office has to bring because in 2 weeks im out to the normall life just me my companion and the area. So im ready! But we also area going to have a baptisim on Next Saturday so hopefully all that goes well and i can get that right before i leave.

Well thats all about i have time for. I hope you enjoy the pictures of my big toe injury and me and my new comp. Everything else is going great loving the mission and everythings good. I miss and love all you guys. I hope you all have a Great week and talk to you next Saturday!

Love the one the only ELDER FOSTER