Saturday, March 19, 2016

My Last Day in The Office

Well the time has offically came I will be leaving the office today and going to another area. So what was originally suppose to happen is I wasent going to leave the office until the 30th of March (which is changes). Well right now we have about 6 mini missionaries serving here in our mission. A mini missionary is just a young man normally 16-22 years old whos preparring to serve a mission. So they come to be a mini missionary for normally a change or so. So what happened is that one of them cant stay until changes for family matters and has to go back home. Well changes are less then two weeks now so President Bowler decided that ive now be training Elder Coe for 2 weeks now and he belives its fine and sufficent so instead of calling another mini missionary for less than two weeks he just going to send me out to fill the spot a little early.

So I only recieved this information on Thrusday so latley the past two days ive been getting my bags ready and saying bye to all the members and everything. So kindof a crazy end of the week. Anyways to go back now to what happened in the begging of the week it was still normall and good on sunday we had some one investagators come to church and we had 3 baptisims planned for the end of this month so if they would have been ready and everything it would have been awesome but now im leaving it in the hands of my fellow companions. Then on monday and Tuesday it was truthfully alot of office work and everything. So I stayed with Elder coe helping him get everything down and stuff he will do great.

Then on Wednesday we had to go to the part of the mission called Danli. This is over in the east part of the mission. There is 3 parts more or less the city, the south, then the east. So in all my time in the mission ive never been down to the east so it was kindof cool to get to go down that way and take and drop off some materials for the missionarys down there. It wasent too far like a little under 2 hours each way we made it back that same afternoon then went to the area to work.

Then on Thursday is when everything stated going down. So to start we had district meeting and that went well and everything. Then after we all went out for lunch and then thats when I was told that i will be leaving the office early. So from there we just went finshed a few things in the office and then went to the area and started saying all the goodbyes and everything. It was kindof sad because i was telling everyone i wasent leaving until the 30th because that was the plan so i did get to see all the members i wanted to say bye to but it was still good. We ate alot of food the last two days and even one really great family made me a cake.
La Familia Turcios
Mi Amigo Ricardo Martínez
La Familia Cambar
Mi Amigo Thor y David
La Familia Martínez

              So now that my time is over in the office its been great ive learned alot and had a really great time. Being in a Trio has been fun and also just being with all the Elders and Hermanas in the office. The other good news is that I get a double p-day as well because starting again on Monday ill be having p-days on Monday yayy! But for atleast today i had to send my email so you guys know that ill be back to writing on Mondays again. Its been a great almost 7 months here in the office ive loved every part of it but now ill be heading out to the real field again and im pumped! Well I love and miss all you guys. I hope you have a great week and I guess I will be sending a short email just to update you all on my new area and companion on monday. Thanks and have a great week!