Monday, May 2, 2016

La Historia de la Luz

Another Great week in Honduras. Nice and hot as always and loving every bit of it. This past week truthfully the storms having been coming so its been cloudy quite a bit which is kindof nice because the clouds block the sun then its not too hot. Then at night its also wierd theres been some big heavy rains that have been coming. Which cools it down at night but then in the morning just doble the heat its all good though i dont mind it too much.

Well other then that theres just too main things Id like to talk about this week that were pretty cool. So Tuesday through Friday were just basic days weve been focusing on finding new people its going pretty well. Anyways on Friday we had the zone confrence this is for the zone im in the south all the missionaries in the zone in the south about 100 missionarys get together and then we recieve informations and lessons and stuff for President Bowler and his wife the Assistentes to President Bowler and other leaders.

Anyways we got there and the night before there was a big storm and so when we got to the church there was no power because of the storm the night before. Well in these confrences we see alot of power point things and also videos and need a intercom to speak loud from the pulpit well with no power we have none of this. Well everyone got there and we started right at 10 still with no power the leaders spoke to us and said we we had a few charts and other things to show but theres no power and they just follwed with the lesson. Anyways about a hour went by then in the middle of the teaching of some other missionarys our president stood up and he said i feel like i need to share a story with you guys and it was a story about prayer. Anyways he then said We are all here on a once and every once and while confrence and what do we need and some people said a few things then someone said we need the Power!

He then said yes in order for us to all learn and take alot from this confrence we need power. So he said we need to get all down and say a prayer that we can recieve power to learn everything and see everything that has been preparred anyways we all prayed together then indiviually and contined with the day as planned we then went to eat lunch after that we were all settling in and about a hour had passed by since we played. We were all settleing down getting ready to start back up and get the second part of the confrence then BOOM the power comes back on and we go through the confrence and then at the end the President says at about the end of the confrence after being with power for a few hours he then said how many of you think that all of this part were we area at has power now like us and we thought well yeah ofcourse it came back for all of us.

He then said no the whole town is still out of power he said during the lunch hour a man from the stake came and filled the generator up with gas and got power to the building. He said sometimes we dont know how we will recieve anwsers to our prayers but if we have sufficent faith he will anwser it maybe not as fast or how we want but he will send our anwsers if we have faith.

It was overall a great confrence we learned alot and had a great experience. Other then that my other story i will share next week because its a unfinished story that continues this following week so ill fill you all in next week. Other then that I hope all is going well for you guys and have a great week! Sunday is mothers day! Happy Mothers day mom thanks for everything cant wait to get to talk to all you guys! Anyways I hope all of you have a Great Week and well talk again next week! And Remember never loose the Faith!