Monday, May 9, 2016

Tres Familias y Una Grande Actividad

This has been a good week! I feel like so many things happened that i just cant remember them all.
We can go ahead and start with the thing that is most important from the week and that was Mothers Day! I hope that everyones mothers day went well and just a quick shout out to my mom Happy Mothers Day love you and thank you for everything you do for me!

Yesterday was good it was nice getting to talk to my family and everything it was weird because the first 2 times i called and talked to my family here in the mission i was really nervous and stuff the day before and before I called but this time i just kindof felt normall. I guess im just getting ajusted to the life here in Honduras and its just the same! 15 months can do alot of things to you this last week i ate bunny and also duck but i also saw the preparation in the food so it was interesting and but in the end the meat tasted good!

So im not sure if i had been bringing up in my last emails that we have a awesome family that we have name Laura y Cristobal and they have 4 children Joel, Niyeli, Katia and Naomi. And Joel it the older boy and he was baptized about 3 months before i got here. Anyways we found the family in the carpeta de area as old investagators and we found them started teaching them all and some sister of Laura also just got baptized a little bit ago. They all have the desire to be baptized but the problem is that the parents arnt married and here its just hard to get married because its a big hassel to get all the papers and also the money so no one does it.

Anyways that the big problem and why they havent been progressing to baptism. So i was talking with the other elders that is also part of our ward but they meet in a father area called las unidas (note i served in that area about 9 months ago) And they said they also have one family that needs to get married and another that the husband is member but the wife no and they need to get married as well. Anyways we planned a activity to raise enough money to beable to marry 3 familys. So got a little money gathered up to make a food called chilikils in other words there just nachos with chicken on it. So in order for us to be able to make enough money we needed to sell 175 plates of this food or to go boxes. So we just talked to members we even called other missionarys in other wards to buy some and to ask the members so the day came we bought all the food and everything and we got up at 5:30 to go and start everything.

The wifes of each family were there when we were making the food. The young women in the ward made us a poster to put up so people could come and buy food like that. We started cooking and everything was going well but then as the hour of lunch rolled around we wernt ready we had some food ready but not all of it and we had some big orders ready and made that needed to be sent out. But then the rush just came and people got food and some orders went out some not the matter is after the lunch rush you could say we had 125 sold and yeah but we still were missing 50 more to sell. So we had them sold but we didnt have anymore food we missed calculated. At this time it was about 2pm So what we said is that we had to called these other 50 people or groups and try to schdule it for dinner lucky most of them were fine with that.

So we took a little of profit and did the calculations that we using a little profit to go and buy more we could sell the 50 plates and then make more money and be perfect on what we needed to marry the familys and everything. So we did it some went to buy other to get other things and we went at it and we got them all sold and sent out 175 plates done and sold. It was a very long day there was a lot of tension and stress through out the whole thing but in the end it worked out and was great. After throught the week the couple have been going and pulling out papers and everything should be ready that on Saturday we should be having a triple weding it should be awesome!

Anyways thats my little story about 3 familys and one big activity the plans now are the wedings and then the baptisms it should be great other then that all is going well. This wensday is changes so it should be interesting my companion is finishing the mission so ill be getting a new one. So ill let you all know about that next week. Im sorry once again i forgot my memory card so i promise next week ill send the pictures i just keep on forgeting about bringing it next week forsure! Love and miss you all have a great week and talk to you next Monday!

Elder Foster