Monday, May 16, 2016

Llamado a Entrenar y Tres Bodas un Noche

This last week was full of excitment and little bit of stress but a great week overall. So to start on Tuesday my companion was finishing the mission so it was his last day i just said you just tell me what you wanna do for the day and well do it. So we spent a little of the day packing and the rest of the day saying goodbye to everyone! Then on Wensday we had to wake up bright and early about 4am so that we could take the bus to go to tegucigalpa. The reason I had to go is because i was called to Train! Which is pretty cool to just get a fresh greeny right from the Mtc. Except i dont know if they call them greenys here i think thats a states thing.

So my new companion is named Elder Ramirez he is also from Mexico the part called Tulca. Hes a real cool guy hes 23 and the first to leave to serve a mission in his family. His older brother is waiting on his call. Other then that hes really relax a little shy but hes here for the right reasons and always puts his best effort forward which is awesome. So i went up to tegucigalpa on wensday we got back in the afternoon then the next day was district meeting. It was a good day but im not sure if you guys remember those 3 familys that were trying to marry well the activity we did made enough money so we could do everything to get them married.

But on wensday we had to do a lot of running around and everything with the couples because some of the papers we had a problem with then we had to get them to the lawyer just in general it was a long and very stressfull day but in the end it worked out well and we had everything ready for on Friday the wedding. So friday ended up turning out to be probably one of the greatest things ive ever seen. And also done in my whole mission. We were able to see 3 couples get married to be able to get baptized. So now we just have to wait a week so all the paper work can go through then they will be getting baptized which is awesome.

Then on sunday was stake confrence which was kindof cool alot of activitys throughout the week and stuff. So over all the week was good i got my son as they call it that im training. Then between us 4 elders in the ward we got to marry 3 couple and everything else is just going good. Its still super got here but hey thats honduras the power was out a little bit ago but hey thats just honduras and I Love It! Well i hope you all have a great week i miss and love you all can wait to hear from you next week!

               ELDER FO$TER