Monday, May 23, 2016

Una Semana Tranquila

The first full week of the new change. This week was pretty good. Nothing that i can really think of that was super cool. We just working and doing are thing. This week has been really hot every week over 100 degrees. Its suppose to be the season of rain but just a little bit fell on tuesday after that really nothing.
Nothing Like a Double Rainbow
 Its been fun getting to show my new companion all the things you do like just being a new missionary i imagine when i first got here i was the same way but hes kindof just way out of it. The good thing is that hes willing to do anything as far as contacting and teaching sometimes he gets real nervous but hes doing good and starting to progress alot.

Then this week ive been doing alot of baptism interviews. Which is pretty much just going to investagators that are going to be getting baptized but in other areas and i just have to make sure that the missoinarys there taught them everything that there keeping all the commandments and stuff. Its been cool because this week i did the interviews for the other two familys that got baptized with my family two weeks ago. But the cool thing about it is its in one of my old areas las unidas. So i got to go there do the interviews and also just talk to them about now being there time and ther starting a group up and that theyve been called in this time to help the church grow and to get it turned into a branch in November and that seems to be the plans. It was real cool and something really Spiritual.

Then for p-day went to this place called San marcos which is a area up in the mountains here and its cool and fresco not so hot i guess you would say. We just played soccer there then got something to eat its was cool there was about 30 missionarys up there just enjoying p-day.

Elder Carter And I at Lunch
Well thats about it sorry nothing soo much this week next week will be better. Love you guys miss you all well talk again next monday! Have a great week!