Thursday, November 10, 2016

Siempre en la Lucha!

Im still getting ajusted to writing on thursday and kindof sad that im going to finish my mission writing on a thursday not sure how it will all work out but hey it is what it is.

Theres always someone that could use a little help!:)
Well the week just flew by like crazy i really dont belive that ive now been im my area for 2 weeks. Well i have to say its a good area i like it quite a bit its not all that nice like my last area which was really heaven. Here i sweat a ton im back to a lot of rice in beans and sometimes i think what would happen if a zombie apocaplis broken out would i be on the safe island? Haha just kiding i love the area though even know it may be small and a little rough with work and everything i have that felling like i was ment to be sent here you know.

Fish soup anyone!
This week well i contiuned to know all the members and also the island i can offically say that i have made the whole loop of the island its pretty big. I made the trip with my companion and some members it was a lot of fun seeing all the sites and beaches and other things there. On the back side of the island there really isnt much but some small little pueblos but it was cool getting to see it all.

Sunday was a good experience it was there on the island and in our house ahha which is the church and it was good the adverage assistence is about 20-30. We had 25 so that was pretty good. Weve been working pretty good but not too much luck yet weve found a few familys but the same problem that there not married. So were going to keep going with them and see how it all goes.

On tuesday we had the oldroyds come down there a senor couple in charge of housing and everything. Were working on getting our selfs into a small apartment close by then turn the church just into the church there going to knock out a wall too so that we can have a bigger sacrament room so that should be all going into the works and everything soon im excited for that.

A good way to see the day close up!
Other then that not too much that i can tell you about i did finally get to eat shark and then just alot more fish haha thats pretty much it. Well i hope you all have a great week i miss and love you all and well talk again next Thursday!