Thursday, November 17, 2016

Nueva Casita y Capilla!

Well once again im here siting at the computer and thinking to my self wow a whole week has flow by and now its time to write you all another email and tell you about all the things ive done haha.

Well this week was pretty good week im not sure how often i say that but i guess normally theres not too many weeks that are that bad. Well on last saturday we had a activity in the church which was nice. We were going to watch meet the mormons but had some tecnical dificulties so in the end we watched the testament video which was really good. Ive seen it now like 20 times but i still like it!

Even corn is grown here! THIS PLACE IS GREAT!!;)
Then sunday was a normall good day i had to give a talk but i imagine thats going to happen quite a bit for the fact theres not many optcions. Our assistence was once again about 25 the adverage i belive for here i hope to see it a little higher in the future.

For p-day we had planes to leave and go plan soccer with the zone but in the end it didnt work out so we stayed stranded on the island but we had fun i mean we are on a island there something you can do. We went with some members and we played board games and everything it was good and fun.
Faviorite Beach that weve found! (La zapote)
Then the only other thing that we really did that was good and something important for the church is we got a little contact set up with our dueno or the owner of the house/church. Remember we live in the church well the owner has a little house next store that we could live in. So we made a big deal that we were going to rent the other little house but that we also wanted to take out a wall so that we could have a larger sacrament room. Were in a big house but theres not a big enough room for the sacrament meeting theres only like 30-35 chairs that fit. Well with this extension now you can put like 50-60 chairs with us moving out opens another class room as well.

Wall your in the way we need more room!

I knew those construction skills would pay off!

So we spent all day yesterday helping a guy taking out a wall and aranging another little house moving all our stuff and everyting. So im a little tired aha then the two hour trip in the morning to get to distict meeting but hey you gotta love it!

Everything else is going well we continue to find some new people and do new things. I love it here and i feel like this is where i was suppose to finish so im enjoying it and all that im able to do. Well i belive this next week is m favorite holiday...thanks giving! Luckys well enjoy it for me and i hope to hear from you all next week. Love you take care!