Thursday, November 3, 2016

Bienvenido a Amapala!

WEll its been a week super full of many things and im a little tired and i also cant belive that yeah a whole week has passed by. The wierdest thing is i dont know if its maybe because i know im in my last area in the mission or if its because im on a island or something im not sure but i still feel like im still getting use to the area and everything. Normally its like you get to your new area and then in like 2 day you already feel in the grove and everything. But regardless all is going well and im starting to really like the area.

Let see well i dont remember too much of what i told you as far as my new area but heres some of the details its called amampala its a island in the mission just off the southern coast of honduras. The church was just newly established there roughly 2 years ago. Theres a decent amount of members but a majority is inactive. The thing is the church is just a little larger house there on the island. And the biggest thing we live in the church ahah. Its a little wierd i guess that we live in the church but its cool. Were in the process of getting us in our own little apartment.

On my way to the area in boat!
So we got to the area like thursday in the nightish. Its was cool we went to one cita then with this one family of members that the lady is like our cook i guess you would say we pay here for lunch and dinner and she cooks it and everything. It works out a lot better for us and everything in the end for us. (Im not a good cook even two years into the mission) So its kindof a big mixed family with alot of people that live within the two houses there. Its been good though because in this week i have been blessed on my first night to have been giving lobster to eat. Then we also eat fish and shrimp in diffrent meals so im not complaining too much.

I guess thats the benefit of being close to the ocean. As far as seafood goes its a little cheaper. But the bad part of being on the island is everything is alot more expensive. The nice thing is that the member that cooks for us her sister lives there as well a older lady. And she works at one of the hotels on the island so thats how we got the lobster she brought it for us!! The members that ive been able to meet so far are real nice.

Me and my companion Elder Ordoñez!
Dont think that im in the riches its still honduras and there still house of brick and sticks and metal. And its still really hot and you know with the terrible power systems they have here every day the power goes out. (Were going to fix that dad after the mission;)) The other problem is theres no water on the island like water to bath and to clean. You have to buy and like i said were on a island so its $$$. But the mission helps us a little because were on a island and far away.

Well ive talked alot not too much about the work because its rough. The people dont want too much from us. And if they do want something its money they ask us for we tell them we cant help with money. Then were not normally received the next time. BUt its going little by little were getting things in line im hopeing to get it going little by little.

Hey im just walking in my area on the way to a cita!
How about a quick photo?
Well i love you guys and miss you all a bunch. I cant belive that were in november now it just blows my mind the time is flying before we know well all be in the airport together. I am a little baggy ex missionarys will know what that means! But im still going to work. Well thanks for everything you guys be safe and have a great week! Talk to you next Thursday!