Thursday, November 24, 2016

Feliz Acción de Gracias!

Well first thing is first HAPPY THANKSGIVING to ALL! Sadly here this holiday is not celebrated for dinner it will be the same as always beans rice chesse tortilla maybe fish that would be cool. Anyways the point is that i hope all enjoy the turkey mash potatos pies and the football! Next year ill be there enjoying it all with you guys.

Well this week i dont know i feel like ive hit the part like in the other area were you get acostume to the area and know all the people that you visit so its like you did alot but because it wasent something very new you think its not something to talk about. I hope you understood that.

This week was good though we had to finish up a little bit more on the church but now its all done and thats that matters. The new little house we have is great it feels so much diffrent but in a good way to be in a diffrent house or out of the church!

Picture of the small island we went to!
Other then that weve been finding alot more new people but its still been a little difficult here and there but we got  a few things yeah rolling along well. The same goes for the members some are progressing and others just dont want much to do with us for things past missionarys have done so we continue trying to help them and hope they change in the future not much else we can do there.

Its been abandones for a while!
Well kindof a short email this week sorry not too much i can think of right now. Me and my companion are doing well the church is doing well and the time is flying by haha. This next week ill be writing on Wensday because thats the day were going to have our quarterly interiviews in the zone.

P-day was good my camera died but im going to see if i can get some pictures from my companions camera but we went with part of the zone to some islitas or little islands off the coast of amapala. Where no one lives just like small little islands we contracted a little boat to take us and we played volleyball and soccer on the island we ate and everything it was fun. Also cool thing is there was another small island next to it but that island is a cematery. Imagine a funeral but instead of a bunch of cars it could be a bunch of little boats going to the little island ill add a picture.

Happy Thanks Giving (Sparkling cyder and cookies)
Anyways have a great week love and miss you all i hope you hear about your thanks giving and well talk next week!